time savings
High-speed opening
Three mail tray supports
Operator-controlled software interface
Automatic jam detection
Automatic chaff collection
Milling cutter
omation letter opener
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The world’s fastest, most robust and efficient envelope opener.

Product Specifications

Length 45" (114.3 cm)
Depth 21" (53.34 cm)
Height 58" (147.32 cm)
Weight 245 pounds
Power 115 VAC, 60HZ, 8.5A 230 VAC, 50HZ, 5.5A
BTU 3338 BTU/h (115VAC) 4317 BTU/h (230VAC)
Speed 40,000 envelopes/hour
Envelope Sizes & Types Lengths up to 13.5" (34.29 cm)
Thickness Up to 0.50" (1.27 cm)
Depth of Cut From 0.01” (0.03 cm) from envelope  edge up to 0.125” (0.32 cm) in depth
Feeder Hopper Capacity Up to 400 envelopes
Stand & Waste Bin Included