A powerful solution that helps you save money and simplify your mailings.

CASS™ & Pave™ Certified
Validate addresses, including DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing, standardize address formats, correct the spelling errors and add missing postal data and IMb™. Sort address lists for the lowest possible postal rates and generate required USPS® documentation and reports.
Real-time Move Update
Update moves in real-time with full service 48 month NCOALink®, giving you a proactive way to reach prospects or customers even if they’ve moved.
Postal Reports
Generate the USPS® required documentation, including postage statements, barcoded sack and tray labels and presort reports. ConnectRight Mailer makes it easy to seamlessly submit electronic documentation through Mail.dat™.
Latest USPS® Data
Leverage the power of the cloud to ensure you mail with the most current USPS® data available for address validation and postal reports, while automatically updating to latest version of the software.
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Save jobs to process mailings with a single click.

Create and save job settings, such as list format import/export templates, suppression files, and mailing task, including CASS, PAVE, Duplicate, and Move Update to make processing recurring mailings simple.


Single solution to simplify mailings across your organization.

The Hot Folder feature empowers individuals unfamiliar with ConnectRight™ Mailer, to automate/process mail lists using pre-established job definitions. Job definitions are associated with folders on your network.  To prepare a mail list for a mailing, just copy the list into the hot folder and ConnectRight™ Mailer takes care of the rest without the need to understand how to use the software.  You can even submit multiple jobs concurrently and request multiple services at the same time.

Advanced suppression feature

Advanced suppression features for smarter direct mail.

Be more targeted and responsible with your mailings by matching lists against the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) do-not-mail database, Prison suppression lists and even your in-house suppression lists.


Actionable insights for your mailings with TrackMyMail™.

Integration with our TrackMyMail™ service provides you comprehensive, easy-to-read, reports that provide performance metrics and helps you make data-driven decisions on your direct mailing efforts.

Peace of mind

Peace-of-mind knowing you're always

Automatic software updates combine with cloud to ensure that you are always mailing with the latest version of ConnectRight Mailer and using the most recent address and move data from the USPS, including the latest reports and documentation.

Features and Specifications


Data Quality

  • CASS Certified™ for address correction, includes DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®
  • Adds missing postal data ZIP + 4®, and eLOT® 
  • Unlimited Full Service NCOALink®
  • Interactive Address Verification


  • PAVE™ Gold certified postal presorting
  • Mail.dat™ Electronic Documentation
  • First-Class Mail; letters and flats
  • Marketing Mail; letters, flats and parcels
  • Full Service IMb™ Ready
  • Firm Bundles
  • Bound Printed Matter & Media Mail
  • Periodicals
  • Package Services*
  • Palletization*
  • Mixed Weights*

*Features part of the ConnectRight Mailer Business Services Suite

Direct Marketing

  • List suppression with DMA® - Do Not Mail and Prison suppressions 
  • Leverage Intelligent Mail Barcodes for tracking through TrackMyMail mail (ImB) & parcels(IMpB) 
  • Record filtering / sampling and Nth selection 
  • Manage Duplication elimination 
  • Suppress records using your in-house suppression lists 
  • Add geocode latitude / longitude for more advanced record segmentations 
  • Extended custom URLs & images with Informed Delivery utilizing Mail.Dat*

Ease of use

  • Reusable Job Definitions
  • Comprehensive Help System 
  • Online Tutorials Automated List Processing via Hot Folder* 
  • No Postal Directory Updates

Optional Feature

*The Hot Folder feature is an optional part of the Business Services Suite. The Hot Folder feature empowers individuals unfamiliar with ConnectRight™ Mailer, with the ability to process mail lists using job definitions already established by other knowledgeable users. Defined job definitions are associated with folders on the computer. To prepare a mail list for a mailing, just copy the list into the hot folder. ConnectRight™ Mailer takes care of the rest. No detailed knowledge of ConnectRight™ Mailer is required.

Direct Mail Made Simple