Save up to 18% on postage versus stamps. Plus get up to $200 in FREE postage credits.

Send everyday mail and packages without leaving your office with the mailstation2 postage meter. It’s an easy-to-use digital mailing system designed for small businesses and home offices. 

Online offer includes:

  • First 2 months FREE
  • Up to $200 in free postage credits*
  • Up to 18% off postage versus stamps
  • Canada Post Letter Rates, covered by Soft-Guard® protection plan**
  • Free starter kit (one ink cartridge plus shipping labels)
  • Free envelope messaging capabilities

*Offer is only valid for new Pitney Bowes meter customers. Pitney Bowes will provide new meter customers with a 50% credit on initial postage downloads, up to a maximum of $200 (excludes applicable taxes). The postage credit will be applied to your PitneyWorks® account upon your rental of a new meter with a minimum 14 month term. The postage credit is only valid during your rental of a Pitney Bowes postage meter and cannot be transferred or refunded. Pay only $19.95/mo for the first year.
** Other terms and conditions will apply to your rental agreement. For more information please visit our website at



The built-in scale accurately weighs all of your mailings – letters, flats, parcels and postcards – so you get the exact postage every time.



Print accurate postage for most classes of mail directly on envelopes or labels and refill postage digitally in seconds.



Print and track most classes of mail including International Letterpost and Priority Next A.M. and give your mail a polished look with a metered indicia.



Enjoy exclusive postage discounts – up to 18% on letters and 5% off Canada Post Parcel Services – not available at post offices.

Features & Specs

Classes and services

Regular Parcel


Xpresspost U.S.A.

U.S.A. Letterpost

International Letterpost

Priority Next A.M.

Domestic Lettermail

Registered Mail – Domestic

Registered Mail U.S.A. and International

U.S.A. and International Parcels

Average Monthly Mail Volume

<100 pieces


Up to 18 LPM



Media sizes

Letters & small packages

Media thickness


List price

$19.95 per month for 1 year

Flap Depth


Integrated Weighing Options

2.5 KG


PC - USB Interface (Windows 64-Bit Only)


13.8" L x 10.4" D x 8.4" H


13 lbs.


100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A

How does the mailstation2 postage meter save me money?

The mailstation2 meter comes with a built in scale so you'll know exactly how much postage is needed to mail your letter or package automatically. You won't need to guess, and you won't need to add more postage “just to be safe.”

Can I buy the mailstation2 postage meter instead of renting?

Most customers ask if they can buy the mailstation2 meter rather than renting it. Pursuant to Canada Post regulations, only authorized digital mailing system manufacturers and Canada Post may hold title to them. This means that we cannot sell the mailstation2 meter.

Can I use my credit card to purchase more postage?

Other than the initial postage refill, credit card payments for postage cannot be accepted. There are convenient postage payment options including PitneyWorks®, a convenient “buy postage now, pay later” option, available to you.

Can it track postage expenses for multiple accounts?

The mailstation2 meter, with optional accounting software, allows you to track up to 10 different accounts.

How do I add postage to the mailstation2 postage meter system?

Connect to the Pitney Bowes data center anytime, 24/7, to download postage directly to your meter online. No need to leave your office.

Postage Meter Savings Chart

Look below to see how much postage meter users save compared to stamps: