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What is the Canada Post Rate Change?
When Canada Post changes its postage rates, your Pitney Bowes meter needs to be updated to reflect the change. Pitney Bowes provides the new information for you to download and install the new rate data on your PB meter through a connection with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre.


Is the Canada Post Rate Change Update mandatory?
Yes. Canada Post regulations require that all postage meters in Canada have up to date postal rating software so that mail is posted accurately. This ensures Canada Post can receive and distribute mail efficiently and helps ensure that service interruptions to customers are avoided. For more information on this rate change, please go to


What is a Meter Preset?
Presets are properties on your meter, such as postage rate and class that you can define, store and recall as needed. You can define two types of presets: Normal and Custom.


Normal Preset: Normal presets are the default conditions on your meter. You can't delete a normal preset but you can assign commonly used postage rates, class and other setting as default values. The Class setting, in addition to identifying your mail type, helps automate the preset process for future rate data changes.


Custom Preset: Parameters for special mailings can be stored as Custom Presets. You can define up to ten custom setting to be used for these mailing situations.


When do I need to change the Preset definitions?
If you've set up the meter with Presets (e.g. Class: Dom Ltr Std), the preset will automatically update on the effective date of the rate change. However, if the meter is not set to a class (i.e. Class: None) you will need to update your meter preset manually on the effective date of the rate change.


When does my mail piece become a parcel with Canada Post?
A parcel is any item over 500 grams or thicker than 20mm.


Error message “Internet not detected” displays on your Windows computer when using PC Meter Connect.
If an older version of PC Meter Connect is installed on your Windows computer, your meter will fail to connect and the error “internet not detected” will appear on your computer.  Verify your version of PC Meter Connect and if it’s older than 05.00.81, please update PC Meter Connect.


If you need additional technical support with the Canada Post Rate Change software update, please contact the Pitney Bowes Rate Change Hotline at 1-888-722-2672

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