Confirm Your Rate Update

Use our tool to verify your meter rates are up to date.

Find and select your meter, then enter your model information to confirm your machine has the latest rates.
Help me find my Product Code Number (PCN) and Serial Number.


Please allow 60-90 minutes after updating your meter before confirming.  In a hurry? You can manually confirm your meter's status by repeating the update instructions, and if no update is available, your meter is up-to-date.


updateNeed to update? Get instructions by product.

Connect with SmartLink™

Connect your mailstation, mailstation2, DM100i, DM125, DM300c, DM400c and DM475.

Save cost by eliminating the need for a dedicated analog phone line
TipStay connected - Get automatic rate and software updates
Error notifications with support tips
Low Fund & Low Ink notifications
Access the AutoInk™ program – save 20% on Pitney Bowes genuine ink
Customized insights and reports on your postage usage


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