Broadband and other mailing machine connection methods

Information about different methods for setting up your connection to the Pitney Bowes Data Center.

Adding postage to your mailing machine and updating postal rates and software requires a connection between your postage meter and the Pitney Bowes Data Center. Using your high-speed, broadband Internet connection is the Pitney Bowes recommended connection method.

  • Significantly faster
  • More reliable; greatly reduces connection issues
  • Save money; no need for a dedicated analog line
  • Save time; no need to switch back and forth between a shared fax line
  • Newer technology; telecom providers are moving away towards digital systems

Connection Options:

1. LAN Connection (Constant Connection) - Best Choice
This option uses a LAN (local area network) adapter and USB cable to connect your meter to your existing high-speed Broadband network. Direct connection via LAN is available for the following meter models:

NOTE:  If your model did not come with the Constant Connection LAN kit option, contact Pitney Bowes for service, or sign in online using your account.

2. PC Meter Connect™ - Good Choice
This option uses your PC’s Internet connection. Simply connect your meter to your PC with a standard USB cable and download and install the free desktop application: PC Meter Connect™ (PCMC). PCMC is available with these models:

  • mailstation2™
  • DM100i™, DM125
  • DM300c--DM475

UPDATED: 15 July 2021