Broadband and other mailing machine connection methods

Adding postage to your mailing machine and updating postal rates and software requires a connection between your postage meter and the Pitney Bowes Data Center. Using your high-speed, broadband Internet connection is the Pitney Bowes recommended connection method.

  • Significantly faster
  • More reliable; greatly reduces connection issues
  • Save money; no need for a dedicated analog line
  • Save time; no need to switch back and forth between a shared fax line
  • Newer technology; telecom providers are moving away towards digital systems

Connection Options:

1. LAN Connection (Constant Connection) - Best Choice
This option uses a LAN (local area network) adapter and USB cable to connect your meter to your existing high-speed Broadband network. Direct connection via LAN is available for the following meter models:

NOTE:  If your model did not come with the Constant Connection LAN kit option, contact Pitney Bowes for service, or sign in online using your account.

2. PC Meter Connect™ - Good Choice
This option uses your PC’s Internet connection. Simply connect your meter to your PC with a standard USB cable and download and install the free desktop application: PC Meter Connect™ (PCMC). PCMC is available with these models:

  • mailstation2™
  • DM100i™, DM125
  • DM300c--DM475

UPDATED: 15 July 2021