PitneyWorks Overage Fee

Frequently asked questions about the PitneyWorks overage fee.

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 16pt;">What is an overage fee?</span>

Each meter has a postage download threshold built into the agreement which is based on the recommended postage volume for each meter.  Downloads exceeding that threshold are charged a meter postage overage fee of 1%.

Note: Master accounts are assigned a threshold at the account level.  The threshold is determined based on the overall meter model composition. 

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 16pt;">Why was the overage fee charged?</span>

The aggregate meter refills plus applicable taxes in a billing cycle have exceeded the meter download threshold.

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 16pt;">Why are taxes included in the calculation for the threshold?</span>

Taxes are included in the threshold amount because Pitney Works pays Canada Post for the postage downloaded plus the applicable taxes.

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 16pt;">Does the download threshold include supplies and shipping charges?</span>

Only postage downloads plus applicable taxes charged to Pitney Works are included in the meter threshold when calculating the postage overage fee.

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 16pt;">How can I avoid paying this fee?</span>

  • If you are currently refilling in larger amounts every few months, you may be able to avoid this fee by refilling monthly for smaller amounts.
  • If you are routinely going significantly over the limit, you may be better served by upgrading to a bigger meter.
  • Maintain opening and closing credit balance in your account in excess of $50.

Select one of the options below to view overage fee examples:

<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 14pt;">Overage Fee Details - Single Meter Account</span>

If the aggregate meter refills plus applicable taxes within a billing cycle exceeds the meter threshold built in to your agreement, the overage fee will be charged.


See below for examples specific to your meter:


Model: mailstation®, K7C2, K7EC, DM125, PREC, DM100i, P7EC


Model: DM300-DM475, G910, 9H10, 8H10, 7H10


Models: R750, 1ACT, 1MCT, MSF1, MSF2, MSF3, 4W10, 1W10



<span style="color: #0072b8; font-size: 14pt;">Overage Fee Details - Master Account</span>

Using your PitneyWorks statement, confirm the total postage including taxes downloaded within the billing cycle and the overage amount charged.

Your account is billed 1% over a monthly threshold of either $550 or $3,750.  The threshold assigned to your account is determined based on the overall meter model composition of your Master Account.

See below for examples:

Overage Fee Example for $550 Threshold Category


Overage Fee Example for $3,750 Threshold Category


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