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Ecommerce logistics services

Our modular services make it easy to scale up or down to meet demand

You need a logistics company that flexes to fit your needs
Pitney Bowes has made ecommerce logistics easier through a designed-for-you approach. Our configurable services are purpose-built for ecommerce – helping your business scale as needed.
Designed Delivery services
Designed Delivery services
Every company is different, so we blend the right mix of carriers and strategies to match your unique needs. Our delivery option optimizes your logistics to enhance reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Streamline delivery
Designed Cross-Border services
Designed Cross-Border services
International shipping can be challenging but rewarding. Our experience helps your business meet consumer demand– configuring technology and logistics solutions best suited for your business.
International shipping

Advantages of Pitney Bowes ecommerce logistics

Consultative approach
We use a consultative process in every client engagement, leveraging our ecommerce expertise to become an extension of your operations team.
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Actionable insights
We enable data-driven decision-making to meet evolving customer expectations through our unique consumer insights and CX platforms.
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Tailored solutions
We’ve partnered with 10+ Canadian carriers to create a flexible, fast and efficient network to meet your logistics needs.

Pitney Bowes can make your ecommerce logistics easier