DI2000 Inserting System

DI2000 Inserting System

The DI™2000 Inserting system combines productivity, reliability and the ability to ensure complete job integrity.

It’s the benchmark solution when multiple inserters are considered in high-volume environments or, when Flats and Letter processing on a single platform is required.

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Productivity, durability and integrity with a small footprint.

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Modular and Compact Design

It offers a modular and compact design that allows mail operations to optimize daily processing of customer communications efficiently.
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High Performance

Consistently meet SLAs with high productivity throughput of up to 10,000 mailpieces per hour. It ensures consistent results, even during peak processing periods.
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Job Integrity

Ensure accurate processing for each page of every mail piece. This reliability is crucial for high-value customer communications.
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Letter and Flats Processing

The system supports both letter and flats processing, allowing you to handle a variety of mail types on the same platform.

Deliver high performance results for your business

Ease of Use
Ergonomic Modular Design
Intuitive User Interface
High-Capacity Feeders and Output Conveyors
Onscreen Troubleshooting
Onscreen Troubleshooting

Product Specifications

Mailpiece Size Letter and Flats
Envelope Size Length: 6-3/4" to 13" Depth: 4" to 10"
Document Size Length: 7" to 14" Width: 7" to 12"
Fold Types C, Z, Half, Double, No Fold
Speed Up to 10,000 envelopes/hr Up to 25,000 documents/hr
Scanning OMR, Barcode, or 2D
Flats Capacity Up to 20 sheets (Standard) / up to 50 sheets (Optional)
Accumulation Prior to Fold Choice of reverse or forward accumulation
Flexible Folder Letter, Z, Half or no fold
Buffer 2 Stages to optimize input feeder speed
Sheet Feeder 25K - Continuous loading Portrait or landscape feeding Accepts address window in all positions and address on 1st or last sheet
Chassis Speed - 10,000 (#10s) 8,000 (Flats) Enclosure feeders - Brochures or booklets / Flat or Folded inserts Feeders - 2 to 4 (friction)