Understanding your lease and rental agreement

Review our FAQ page about rental and lease agreements with Pitney Bowes.

UPDATED: 24 June 2016

The following are frequently asked questions and answers about lease and rental agreements, and invoices and statements:

Rental versus Lease Agreement:

  • Rental rates can change after the first year, while your Lease rate remains the same for the term of Contract
  • Rentals can be cancelled with just a liquidation charge, while a Lease customer would owe the balance of payment

Identifying My Account Number:
To streamline You have been assigned a 10-digit BPN - Business Partner Number -Account that will streamline access to your account information, and make it easier for you to manage your business with us.

  • Your 10-digit BPN Account Number is located at the top of your invoice
  • Your PitneyWorks® Account number is 16-digits, located at the top of your invoice
  • Your Postage by Phone Account number is 8-digits

Billing cycle and notifications changes:
As a result of our system upgrades and enhancements, the following lease-specific changes will occur:

  • We are delivering your invoices earlier to you. Your due date remains the same.
  • Your invoice will reflect your current charges only. The previous format included both current charges and any other remaining open items.
  • Past due notifications will include all outstanding items and late fees
  • Your payment address by mail has not changed
  • Full account balance and payment history can be found online at anytime. Create your online profile; sign in and add all of your Pitney Bowes accounts. Then easily manage your billing and payments, products and postage funds online.

How to adjust or cancel my lease contract: 
A Pitney Bowes lease is a legal binding agreement with specific Terms and Conditions, under which the customer receives the use of Pitney Bowes equipment in exchange for a fixed number of payments.

To make any adjustments to your lease, call or fax us all pertinent information to the leasing fax line: 1-866-257-0294, and include the Contract number and your return contact information.

How can I find the cost of my lease:
Due to confidentiality guidelines this information cannot be provided over the phone. To find out the cost of your lease you will need to contact your Pitney Bowes Sales Representative.

What is CSP:
Service contracts, also known as a Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) or Equipment Maintenance Agreement (EMA), have a term of 12 months.  Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) is your Service Agreement with Pitney Bowes for the equipment. This includes all Maintenance calls, any on-site technical calls, over-the-phone help, and replacements if necessary. This charge is determined from the initial time the contract is signed for a lease or rental. If CSP is required after the original contract is signed, contact 1-800-672-6937.