SendPro keeps reloading

If SendPro Online keeps reloading, you need to clear your web browser's cookies and cache.
Products affected: SendPro® Online


SendPro Online keeps reloading and is stuck in an endless loop.


The SendPro cookies in the web browser are being refused by the SendPro web server.


To resolve this issue, delete your web browser's history:

Caution: This will cause you to lose all usernames and passwords that you have saved in your browser for SendPro and other websites, and may interrupt your current website logins.

  1. Close the web browser tab where SendPro Online is open.
  2. Clear your web browser's cookies and cache. Consult your web browser's help for assistance.
  3. Go to the SendPro Online sign-in page and sign in to SendPro again.

If you need further assistance, please use the Contact Us options below.

UPDATED: 12 October 2021