Troubleshoot a Password Reset for the Your Account Online Portal

Troubleshooting steps to resolve difficulties that may arise when resetting a password for the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.

The answer to the Security Question does not match our records

The answer provided to the security question is incorrect.

  1. Open the Sign In page and select Forgot your password. 
  2. Select the option Email me to Reset my Password.
  3. Reset your password by selecting the link from the email that has been sent.

Password Reset Link was not Received

The email to complete a password reset was not received. 
💡Tip: The email can take up to 15 minutes to arrive. 

  1. Check your email junk or spam folder and perform a search for the email address
  2. If you use SendPro Online | PitneyShip™ try resetting your password from Sendpro Online Sign In page.
  3. Have the email address added to your address book and reset password again.
💡 Tip: Companies with high network security may need to have added to their approved recipient list. 
  1. If the email still cannot be located, use the chat icon at the bottom of this page to connect with a representative. 

UPDATED: 09 November 2023