Find the postage meter that’s right for you business

Pitney Bowes offers a variety of digitally connected USPS® IMI compliant postage meters. These semi- automatic postage meters were designed to replace your current machine and increase office efficiency. Whether you need to print First-Class® postage or Priority Mail® shipping labels, SendPro® has an easy-to-use postage meter designed to fit your specific needs and sending volumes.
Save 5₵ on every First-Class™ letter and get discounts on Priority Mail Shipments
Color touchscreen makes selecting sending options quick and easy
Our SendPro Meters are all USPS® IMI compliant. Note, your current device will be decertified on June 30th 2024.

Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) is on the way.

Now is the time to prepare for the transition.

What is IMI?

It stands for Intelligent Mail Indicia. And it provides the highest standard to securely transfer information to and from your postage device.

Do I have to update to IMI?

Yes. USPS requires that all meter devices meet this new standard. It’s smart to make plans for your update now, rather than wait till the last minute.

Does IMI improve my service?

Yes. There are several ways you benefit directly:

  • Postage accuracy – The proper amount is calculated for you.
  • Automatic rate updates – No more manual entry for rate changes.
  • Enhanced security – Meets the new Federal standards for data encryption.
  • Faster postage refills – A dedicated LAN or WiFi connection speeds your updates.
SendPro C Lite
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SendPro C Lite

This compact mail machine is designed to easily process light volumes of USPS® mail and light packages. 

  • Quickly process USPS® mail at up to 50 letters per minute
  • Accurately weigh light packages with the 5lb scale. 
SendPro C
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SendPro C

Ideal for mid volume mailing and light shipping the SendPro C was designed to make your mailroom more efficient. 

  • Quickly process USPS® mail at up to 65 letters per minute
  • Accurately weigh light packages with the 10lb scale.
SendPro +
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The SendPro+ lets you compare shipping rates across USPS®, UPS® and FedEx – right from your meter. 

  • Compare shipping rates across multiple carriers
  • Accurately weigh packages with the 15lb scale

Frequently asked questions about getting new equipment

What happens to my supplies when I get new equipment?

When you upgrade to new equipment, we will reimburse the price paid for any unused or unopened supplies returned in resalable condition within six months of the purchase date.

Can I transfer my postage to a new machine?

Yes, you can easily transfer any unused funds to your new device. More details will be provided after you install your new equipment.

Once I get my new equipment, how do I exchange my current meter?

After setting up your new device, you’ll receive a shipping label, box, and instructions on how to pack and return your old equipment.

How will I be able to connect my new machine?

You will be able to connect your machine to the network by either Wi-Fi connection or wired network connection.