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Peering into Santa’s shopping list
42% of consumers expect higher free shipping thresholds, but 80% say they’ll buy online more or the same as last year.
The top categories shoppers plan to buy online for holidays are apparel, electronics, toys, media/entertainment, and beauty.
09/19/23 BOXpoll
Equipment Purchasing vs. Leasing
Having the right equipment to run your business optimally is essential. However, whether you decide to buy, or lease equipment depends on your situation. Explore your options and see what’s a fit for your business.
6m read 07/01/23 Cash Flow & Financing
The Hidden Costs of Shipping: Understanding the Total Cost of Delivery With Kevin Hernandez
The cost you pay for postage is far from the only cost associated with getting your package to its destination. Let’s look at some of the surcharges and fees associated with the total cost of delivery.
06/15/23 Office

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A glimmer of hope in the returns fraud wasteland
Shoppers who consider returns fraud acceptable are 10% more likely to find no-box/no-label returns difficult than those who adhere more closely to the rules.
Ultra-fast delivery: Worth the hype?
For consumers making casual purchases, the option of free next-day delivery has a negligible impact on cart abandonment, and instead cannibalizes those who would otherwise opt for standard ground delivery. For consumers making time-sensitive purchases, the option of free next-day delivery reduces cart abandonment, but more significantly cannibalizes those who would otherwise opt for store pickup.
A Journey to Success: PitneyShip Cube
The development of PitneyShip Cube reflects our commitment to a client-centric approach. Pitney Bowes is leading the way to reduce the complexity of sending.
3 minm read11/20/23Customer Experience
A Focus on Early Literacy
Pitney Bowes Foundation emphasizes early literacy, partnering with organizations like Reading is Fundamental and Read to a Child. Join us in the transformative power of volunteering and smart investments in literacy. Make a difference in a child's life through the joy of reading.
1 minm read11/20/23Our Community
BOXpoll Weekly Trackers
Interactive charts with real time consumer data on the pandemic, the economy and ecommerce
2m read11/12/23Weekly Trackers
Understanding commercial equipment financing rates
No matter if your business is in the construction, healthcare, or manufacturing industry, obtaining the right equipment is crucial to success for small and medium-sized businesses.
6m read11/06/23Cash Flow & Financing
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