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Defining “fast” and “too far” above the 49th parallel north
The average Canadian consumer typically travels less than 6 km to drop off an online return and is willing to go almost 9 km.
08/02/23 BOXpoll
The Hidden Costs of Shipping: Understanding the Total Cost of Delivery With Kevin Hernandez
The cost you pay for postage is far from the only cost associated with getting your package to its destination. Let’s look at some of the surcharges and fees associated with the total cost of delivery.
06/15/23 Office
Equipment Purchasing vs. Leasing
Having the right equipment to run your business optimally is essential. However, whether you decide to buy, or lease equipment depends on your situation. Explore your options and see what’s a fit for your business.
6m read 07/01/23 Cash Flow & Financing

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Pitney Bowes Ranks on 2023 SmartWay High Performer List for Truck Carriers on Carbon Metrics
Our commitment toward this goal and our overarching mission to continuing to do the right thing, the right way, lead to our spot on SmartWay’s High Performers: Truck Carriers, Carbon Metrics ranking.
2mm read09/21/23Sustainability
2023 USPS Flat Rate Shipping Guide: Boxes, Envelopes and Pricing
Learn about USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping box and envelope sizes, 2023 prices, how it works in this Pitney Bowes guide.
5 Things I Learned at Parcel Forum 2023
Key takeaways and learnings from this year's Parcel Forum event.
USPS Priority Mail Cubic: What is it?
What is USPS priority mail cubic shipping, what packages can you ship and what are the prices for it? Learn more in this Pitney Bowes guide.
America’s next top shipping headache
Online retailers cite difficulty comparing carrier cost structures as their number one domestic delivery challenge.
Peering into Santa’s shopping list
42% of consumers expect higher free shipping thresholds, but 80% say they’ll buy online more or the same as last year. <br>The top categories shoppers plan to buy online for holidays are apparel, electronics, toys, media/entertainment, and beauty.
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