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With mailing heavy hitter and good advice, Minnesota Twins save $20K every season

Client profile

Major League Baseball team in the American League Central division

Home Stadium: Target Field, Minneapolis, MN

Streamlined front-office operations require high individual productivity

Business Goals

Enable a single employee to quickly process all incoming mail and shipments.

Ensure every item is tracked through internal delivery to individual recipients.


Time saved by not having to move between packages and a computer station

Costs and operational complexity reduced by avoiding software installation and maintenance

Technology Used

SendPro® P Series

SendPro P Series postage meter solutions deliver the highest speeds and volume capacities of all our office mail systems. Our proprietary technology can reduce costs and streamline mailing, shipping, tracking and receiving.

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SendSuite® Tracking Online

Simplify inbound mail within your organization with SendSuite Tracking Online, the cloud-based inbound package tracking software from Pitney Bowes.

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The can-do club

From its scrappy beginnings in 1901 as the Washington Senators and the subsequent move to Minnesota in 1961, the Minnesota Twins have worked hard to establish a winning tradition. The Club’s perseverance yielded two World Series titles and produced 14 American League batting champions. With its focus on continuing a winning tradition, the Club welcomes each new season with renewed grit, gumption and a healthy dose of good humor.

Those qualities extend to the front office, where office services coordinator Josh Fallin is undoubtedly one of the most valuable players. A one-man full-service organization, Fallin is responsible for all incoming and outgoing parcels, packages and mail, fielding some 50,000 pieces a season. His secrets to success: efficiency, attention to detail and Pitney Bowes package receiving and mail processing solutions.

Single shipping station improves efficiency

“With the SendPro P3000, I have everything in one area, and I’m able to do everything at once.” Josh Fallin,
Coordinator, Office Services,
Minnesota Twins

Whether a contract, merchandise, tickets, or even a player’s gear, Fallin needs to find the most cost-effective way to get it to its destination. With no help and about two hours a day to get everything out the door, Fallin relies on a Pitney Bowes SendPro® P3000 mailing and shipping system. “With the SendPro P3000, I have everything in one area, and I’m able to do everything at once,” Fallin says. “When you’re one person, that’s very efficient.”

The SendPro P3000 software automatically applies the best rates available for USPS envelopes and packages as the envelopes and packages are processing. This is particularly useful when the Twins Community Fund sends baseballs, bats or signed photographs as in-kind donations to various local nonprofits. Because the team foots the bill for these shipments, it is important to ensure that each package is sent at the lowest possible rate.

Not all shipments are local, though. When he needs to ship gear down to the team’s spring training facility in Fort Myers, Florida, Fallin opts for FedEx to get it there on time, and the SendPro P3000 supports that as well.

Considering the variety in the types of shipments he processes, Fallin appreciates the Weigh-on-the-Way® feature of the SendPro P3000. It accurately weighs each piece as it moves through the system, eliminating the need to sort mail by weight and size. “I can throw a stack of flats in there and then throw in a stack of number 10s and let it rip, and it doesn’t stop,” he says.

27% savings with commercial base pricing

“If you want to be successful, you’ve got to be efficient, and this is efficiency. The Pitney Bowes products we have are top notch.” Josh Fallin
Coordinator, Office Services
Minnesota Twins

With the help of his Pitney Bowes account manager, Kelly George, Fallin keeps up to date on shipping best practices, such as using USPS Commercial Base Pricing discounts instead of Retail rates for trackable items. For example, although digital ticketing is on the rise, the team still mails out many of the tickets to its games. Fallin previously used Priority Mail® because of the free envelope. “With Commercial Base Pricing,” he explains, “we can send the same number of tickets using First Class® Package Service, and they reach their destinations in the same amount of time, for 27 percent less. For us, that adds up to savings of $20,000 a year.”

Fallin credits Kelly with helping the team migrate to the SendPro P3000 after noticing he was using two separate systems for outbound shipping. “Having Kelly George on our side is huge. When I need an answer, she gets back to me promptly. I don’t have to try and follow-up.”

“If you want to be successful, you’ve got to be efficient, and this is efficiency. The Pitney Bowes products we have are top notch.”

— Josh Fallin, Coordinator, Office Services, Minnesota Twins

Kelly has also helped Fallin rise to the other challenge he faces every day: Distributing the hundreds of letters, parcels and packages that flood the mailroom every morning. Armed with a wireless scanner that accesses the cloud-based Pitney Bowes SendSuite® Tracking Online, Fallin makes short work of the pile, and quickly heads out to make his deliveries.