Accelerate your business with a suite of apps using data analytics that provides consultative insights and support.
The BOXtools platform for easier ecommerce logistics.
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A weekly consumer survey on current events, culture and ecommerce logistics, BOXpoll research provides retailers with an agile way to use consumer sentiment to help support decision making.

The BOXscore customer experience benchmarking platform uses crowdsourced mystery shopping data to provide retailers with insights into their ecommerce logistics.

The BOXtour interactive virtual guide walks shippers through our network, facilities, technologies, and services to show how we can partner to improve their order experiences.

The BOXlab tool allows our consultants to model and design best-fit services given a shipper's parcel profile and logistics strategy.

The BOXdocs library is an exclusive collection of case studies, best practices, and contributed content available to Pitney Bowes clients.

The BOXreview insights engine highlights service opportunities and risks based on advanced data analytics, used by our client engagement teams to conduct quarterly business reviews with our clients.

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