Consumer Connect

Engage with shoppers throughout the entire post-purchase journey

Consumer Connect is a new, self-service post-purchase marketing solution for retailers and brands.

Consumer Connect helps you take advantage of every touchpoint along your customer’s journey, and transforms post-purchase interactions from just “Order Tracking” to an extension of your brand experience.

You now have the ability to support customers across points in their journey that were previously underutilized and not thought of as engagement opportunities.

With this solution you can create marketing and campaign real estate where it did not exist before.

Solution benefits offered to retailers and brands include:

  • Driving sales 
  • Decreasing WISMOs 
  • Increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value

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Consumer Connect at a Glance

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Customer facing templates – branded tracking and marketing

  • Vivid – rich, visual experience
  • Linear – features point to point mapping capability
  • Spartan– functional, data-driven, modern and simple
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The Publishers Canvas – content management system for post purchase

  • Promotions and cross selling
  • Rich brand exposure
  • Product recommendations
Guaranteed Per Piece Pricing

Coming Soon: InSite Zone – real-time data and analytics

  • Self service access to data
  • Comparative benchmarking
  • Insights and actions

Drive engagement and sales with a best-in-class order tracking and post-purchase experience


Onbrand Tracking Experience

Onbrand Tracking Experience

Now you can deliver an order tracking experience to your shoppers, and one that is on-brand and consistent with your own site. 

  • Multi-carrier visibility
  • Email/SMS/social notifications
  • Extension of your site experience
Post-Purchase Engagement

Post-Purchase Engagement

Take a targeted approach: you know who these shoppers are, what they have opened their wallet for, and what you can sell them.  Give them relevant communications in a timely manner.

  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Social channel amplification
  • Cross-sell via product recommendations
Seamless Returns

Seamless Returns

Making the shoppers return process pain-free will help address their needs and retain them as loyal customers. Your shoppers need only to open the last email from your brand and initiate returns. 

  • Branded, customizable experience
  • Easy-to-use, guided UX starting from any tracking notification
  • Leverage industry-leading PB Returns Services
24/7 Self-Service CMS

24/7 Self-Service CMS

Customize your ideal post-purchase experience, instantly make changes and optimize in real time. Access analytic dashboards with real-time data and insights.

  • 3 fully branded, customizable templates
  • No custom development – create campaigns in minutes
  • Simple integration with carrier, order and product feeds