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Marketing Mail® Presort

We commingle letters and flats to cut postage costs on direct mail campaigns.

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Mailers trust us to presort and process 3 billion pieces of Marketing Mail (formerly Standard Mail) each year.
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As the largest USPS® workshare partner, we have the experience and scale to get the job done right, every time.
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We maximize postal discounts on letters, flats, postcards, flyers and more for both high and low volume mailers.

Bring better visibility, guaranteed pricing and national scale to your campaigns.

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More predictability

Up to six weekly mail drops and fast cross-country routing keep your mailings right on schedule.
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Greater control

Predictable in-home dates and all inclusive, fixed-rate pricing give you peace of mind.
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End-to-end visibility

Precisely track your mail at every step, from initial pickup through the final “out for delivery” scan.
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Nationwide reach

Our network of direct mail operating centers supports coast-to-coast campaigns.

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Prisma scales business with reduced supply chain costs.

“Pitney Bowes really saved the day for us. This partnership has grown tremendously in the past eight months.”


— Jim Beaudoin, Director of Logistics and Mail Services, Prisma

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