Bound Printed Matter

Leverage our extensive logistics network and unparalleled mail sorting capabilities to help you save on labor and mailing costs.

Marketing Mail® Flats and Bound Printed Matter Parcels

Presort Services has added additional mail classifications to our core commingling services.

  • Marketing Mail Flats
  • Bound Printed Matter Parcels

Leverage our relationship as the nation’s largest USPS® workshare partner processing over 17 billion pieces of mail annually, along with an extensive logistics network to help earn postage discounts and automate the processing of mail.  Streamline your mailroom workflow and eliminate the hassles of managing these mail types. 


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Get transparency of compliance monitoring, tracking, delivery validation and risk mitigation.

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Presort Services

Presort Services helps you maximize mailing savings, achieve consistent and reliable mail delivery.


Complete Shipping™ API

Easily integrate USPS services into your platform - it's shipping made simple.

Introducing Bound & Packet Mail commingling

Save every time you send kits, packets, books, directories and more. Read “The Mailer’s Dozen” and discover how.