Save on USPS® shipping costs with Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes PitneyShip® shipping software offers instant access to special discounts up to 89%* on when you use a USPS shipping label. Also, save 4 cents on First-Class stamps, and enjoy free package pickup, free insurance for goods worth up to $100, delivery tracking, and freedom from surcharges.

Explore the benefits of USPS

Stop waiting and start shipping and mailing. You can dodge post office lines and post office prices when you manage your USPS account with Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing systems or shipping software. USPS account holders get many of the same services and discounts that you might only expect from a private shipping carrier, plus the added confidence that comes with mailbox delivery.
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Get USPS shipping savings of up to 89%

As a partner in USPS Connect eCommerce program, Pitney Bowes offers prices below already discounted Commercial Pricing shipping rates saving up to 89% off retail post office rates with PitneyShip® software solutions.
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Print discounted USPS labels

Using PitneyShip software, you can print discount USPS shipping labels and postage stamps from anywhere using your own printer or with the PitneyShip Cube.
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USPS delivery speed options

Priority Mail delivers in 1-3 days. Ground AdvantageTM 2-5 days. When you need to move fast, Priority Mail Express® is the fastest USPS shipping option for next-day delivery to most U.S. addresses and PO Boxes.
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Free package pickup

You can schedule a pickup for free in most ZIP Code areas. Your letter carrier will retrieve eligible pieces** as part of their regular mail delivery route.
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USPS package tracking

Follow your packages to their destination with free USPS Tracking®. Get all the shipment details, including the date and time the carrier delivers the package.
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USPS international shipping

Ship around the world with USPS, which delivers more than 7 billion packages a year to more than 180 countries. Get favorable international shipping prices, and the efficiency of services such as printable online custom forms, tracking, and insurance.
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USPS surcharges

Unlike private carriers, you won’t pay a USPS surcharge for rural delivery or pickup anywhere in the United States. Every address is on a USPS mail route, which means there’s no such thing as a “designated route.”
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Signature confirmation services

For a small additional fee, you can get a signature upon delivery, identify a specific person to sign for and receive a package, or require the signature of adult (21 or over) at the recipient’s address.
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USPS Certified Mail®

A delivery service that provides proof of delivery or attempted delivery. Receive proof of delivery receipt by mail or electronically with electronic Return Receipt (eRR). Send Certified mail with eRR at a discount and have a simpler, more reliable way of keeping proof of delivery records.
*Savings based on Ground Advantage package up to 1 Cubic Ft Dimensions, 20lbs going to Zone 8.
**For domestic service, eligible pieces include Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail® service, Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute®, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™, return items. For international service, eligible pieces include Global Express Guaranteed® service, Priority Mail Express International®. Priority Mail International®, and First-Class Package International Service® shipments.

How Pitney Bowes helps you mail and ship smarter

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Compare shipping rates and services
PitneyShip® automatically compares USPS discounted rates to other carriers' rates. PitneyShip® software users can rate shop with the cost comparison tool, and easily pick the best delivery service options.
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Rates that are cheaper than Commercial Pricing
USPS publishes two pricing tiers for Priority mail and Retail and Commercial. Through the USPS Connect eCommerce program, Pitney Bowes offers prices published Commercial discounts for certain services, zones and weights without a markup.
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Cubic pricing option
Pitney Bowes software helps you save on small packages – up to 20 pounds – with access to USPS Cubic pricing. Cubic pricing bases shipping costs on package dimensions, not weight, and comes with 1-3 business day delivery and $100 of package insurance at no extra cost.
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Manage and track shipping from anywhere
Rate shop across multiple shipping carriers, print shipping labels, and track packages anytime, anywhere, using your computer or mobile device. Automatically send tracking information to recipients via email.
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Adapt to rate increases
Avoid surprise rate changes with Pitney Bowes shipping software. USPS rate changes or new surcharges are automatically updated in PitneyShip® and PitneyShip® Pro, so users always see the most accurate discounted prices.
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Deliver with confidence
With electronic return receipts , PitneyShip® software and SendPro postage meter customers get proof of delivery for record keeping. And in case the package doesn’t arrive on time, Pitney Bowes Delivery Assurance covers the cost of Priority Mail® postage.

USPS shipping services


Priority Mail®

Fast 1-3 day delivery with three rate services (weight-based, cubic, and flat rate) to maximize your savings. Tracking is included, with no surcharges for fuel or Saturday delivery.

  • Size-based Cubic pricing: Only available with shipping software like PitneyShip that is the best way to ship small (up to 0.5 cubic feet or about the size of shoe box) heavy packages (up to 20lbs).
  • Weight-based pricing: Weight-based pricing offers rates for your own packaging from 1 to 70lbs. Prices are based on weight and destination zone.
  • Flat Rate: If you can fit something into a Flat Rate-branded box, there’s just one price to pay, no matter how much it weighs or where it’s going. It’s not always the cheapest price.

Priority Mail Express®

Ship parcels fast with next-day delivery, or with a 2-day guarantee by 6 p.m. Sunday and holiday delivery available in many markets.

First-Class Mail®

With 1-5-day service, it’s the most affordable way to send envelopes and lightweight packages, including the First-Class Mail Forever® stamps for one-ounce pieces.

Ground Advantage™

An affordable and reliable way for you to ship packages up to 70 lbs in 2–5 business days. A perfect option for shippers of all sizes who want affordable domestic ground shipping.

Media Mail®

A low-cost service for sending media and educational materials, such as books, printed music, recordings, and manuscripts, in 2-8 business days.


Priority Mail Express International®

Parcels reach their destination in 3-5 business days. Options include Flat-Rate envelopes for sending packages that weigh up to 4 pounds.

Priority Mail International®

When delivery is not urgent, this money-saving option will get packages to their destination in 6-10 business days. Service includes insurance in most cases.

First-Class Package International®

An economical option for lightweight parcels up to 4 pounds. Includes electronic delivery confirmation when you ship online to certain countries.

First-Class Mail International®

Most affordable way to send postcards, letters, and large envelopes (under one pound). Send postcards and letters up to 1 ounce for just $1.40 with the Global Forever® stamp.

Air Mail M-Bags®

Ideal for large amounts of printed material (i.e., newspapers, magazines, books). Send up to 66 pounds in one M-Bag. The minimum charge is 11 pounds.

Global Express Guaranteed®

Send packages internationally in 1-3 business days, with next-day service in much of Canada. Date-certain delivery includes money-back guarantee in about 180 countries.

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About USPS

With a history that pre-dates the United States, the USPS traces its roots to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. Since then, the USPS has proven to be a vital cog in the way Americans connect. Landmark moments in USPS history include the introduction of the Pony Express in 1860, free rural delivery in 1896, airmail service in 1918, the start of Express Mail® in 1970, and Priority Mail Flat-Rate® boxes in 2004.

Today, the USPS employs more than 500,000 people, and the USPS shipping program delivers mail and packages to every address in the country – covering roughly 163 million homes, businesses, and PO boxes. The service handles nearly 129 billion mail pieces a year.


What is the relationship between Pitney Bowes and USPS?

When you handle your USPS shipping with Pitney Bowes shipping software, you get access to shipping and mailing rates that help you save on retail charges at the post office. Your Pitney Bowes account also connects you to USPS Cubic pricing, a cost-effective means to send small packages that weigh up to 20 pounds.

Where can I print USPS labels?

Got access to the internet with a computer and a printer? Then you can print your own pre-paid USPS shipping labels at your home or office. If you count on a broader range of USPS services, such as First-Class Mail® and Certified Mail® along with your Priority Mail options, go with PitneyShip® software. Your PitneyShip® account also allows you to print from your phone with the PitneyShip® mobile app.

Learn how to print USPS shipping labels

How do I schedule a pickup for USPS?

You can schedule a USPS pickup within PitneyShip® and PitneyShip® Pro software. Just follow the steps for arranging prepaid postage and pickup confirmation.

How does USPS calculate shipping cost?

The USPS provides a range of pricing options, from weight-based fees to dimension-based pricing to a straight-forward flat rate. Weight-based pricing is determined by both package weight and distance to the destination. Dimension, or Cubic, pricing is set by a combination of package size and distance. Priority Mail Flat Rate® prices are pre-set, so you all you need to do is get your item to fit in the box of your choice.

What is the USPS Connect™ eCommerce program?

Working with shipping platforms like PitneyShip® and PitneyShip® Pro, the USPS Connect™ eCommerce program expands discount shipping opportunities for merchants and online sellers. Benefits include no minimum volume commitments, easy package return options, free Saturday delivery, waiver of fuel surcharges, no extra charges in the case of address correction, forwarded shipments, or returns of undeliverable items for certain products.

What is a preferred postage rate?

A preferred rate is provided to high-volume mailers and serves as “bulk discount postage." Paying less for each letter sent, can save your business significant money over time. Preferred rates are ideal for businesses who ship large quantities of mail through the USPS. You can also get discounted postage for Priority Mail.

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Print USPS labels

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