Ecommerce logistics services

Are you struggling to keep up with ecommerce demand?
Let Pitney Bowes make it easier.

The growth of online demand has been unprecedented.  It’s now even more complex to offer the best order experiences from fast, free and global delivery to convenient tracking & returns.



Ecommerce logistics services that help you scale easier.


US domestic standard and expedited delivery services with custom branded tracking


Returns services that are flexible for the retailer and convenient for the consumer


Diversified cross-border delivery trusted by thousands of marketplace sellers and retailers


National fulfillment with Delivery, Returns and Cross-Border services already built-in


Leading brands trust us to deliver a great experience

Ecommerce logistics. Only easier.

Easier pricing

Understand shipping invoices

Accurately forecast costs





Easier insights

Rely on consultative client support teams

Take action with analytics and market research





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Easier decisions

Adapt faster to market demand

Adopt capabilities as you grow





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BOXpoll, for the new age of ecommerce logistics


Culture. COVID. Politics. The economy. In this quickly shifting ecommerce landscape, Pitney Bowes is surveying consumers on a wide variety of ecommerce topics each week and publishing the best of our findings every month.




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