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Our Designed Cross-Border services are purpose-built for your cross-border journey

Cross-Border services that mature with your business
Global brands
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Global destinations

Whether you are just starting your cross-border journey or are an international expert, we can design the delivery solution that’s best for your business. For decades, Pitney Bowes has been the pioneer of cross-border ecommerce logistics, helping thousands of retailers to grow their international business by providing the most comprehensive, award-winning, cross-border delivery solutions. Our expertise-driven services enable us to configure the ideal international solution as your cross-border maturity evolves.

Cross-Border Delivery
Cross-Border Delivery
If you’re just starting out or just need delivery we offer service to over 200 destinations plus included duty and tax and product classification technology.
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Cross-Border Quoting
Cross-Border Quoting
Superior standalone product classification and duty / tax quoting technology powered by years of experience and machine learning – always improving and optimized to your needs.
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end to end solutions

Find the right end-to-end solutions

We can help you identify a superior end-to-end cross-border export experience—from marketing, localization, and checkout through delivery and returns.

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Cross-border sales

Chart your journey to cross-border sales

Cross-border ecommerce is an enticing opportunity for retailers looking to grow. Find out how to accelerate growth with less risk.

See how Pitney Bowes can make cross-border success easier

Many of the world's best-known brands choose Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Services