2022 ESG Report

With the recent posting of our latest ESG report, we noted that we align our efforts with leading industry standards and frameworks. We do this intentionally to help advance our work for the betterment of our company and all our stakeholders.  Within the management and stewardship of governance, environmental matters, diversity and inclusion, community and more, we reveal our values, our culture and the driving nature of how we move forward with purpose.  In other words, when you dive into the categories of ESG, you quickly see how essential and foundational they are to building long-term value.

Of particular note:

  • We are proud that diversity and inclusion is and has been central to us throughout our history. This has strengthened our culture, governance, board of directors, and our ability to innovate, while forging the strongest connections and bringing the best thinking to all that we do.
    • 43 percent of our global population are women, and nearly 50 percent of our US population are people of color.
  • We’re dedicated to positively advancing the multi-faceted and important aspects of environmental matters that impact our company, our products and services, and our value chain.
    • Building on our announcement to achieve carbon neutrality of our operations by 2040, we’ve extended our target to include scope 3 emissions -- those from our value chain -- by 2050.
  • We are steadfast in our belief that every individual has the right to grow to their full potential.  This informs our commitment to addressing literacy and education equity, opening opportunities for all students to learn and grow.
    • More than 200K students were reached, with 3.1 million hours of student enrichment.

Each year, we are eager to share our report with our Pitney Bowes colleagues and all those who are interested in our approach to and progress on these important topics. In addition to the above, you’ll learn about our approach to learning and development, safety and wellness programs for our colleagues, how our partnerships are strengthened through our focus on supplier diversity, and so much more.  I encourage you to take a look; it’s a great read.  And, if you don’t have time for a comprehensive review (we do have a lot to say), I recommend our CEO’s letter and our ESG highlights to learn about our commitment and gain an overview of our extensive work. 


Most importantly, I would like to thank my colleagues across many disciplines and areas of the business who contributed to the publication of a report that each year inspires us to deepen our commitments and improve the positive impact of our efforts.