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When faster isn’t actually better
Accuracy continues to win out over speed for estimated delivery dates—even with early deliveries
5m read02/21/22BOXpoll
Santa tracker fudge factor
Updating delivery dates after the buy button results in happier customers
5m read12/22/21BOXpoll
What’s the value of a guarantee?
Guaranteeing delivery builds confidence, conversions and (gasp) beats fast shipping with most consumers.
2m read06/22/21BOXpoll
Slow your roll
Fast delivery isn’t as fast as you might think — and might not be worth as much as it recently was.
5m read05/20/21BOXpoll
Reconsidering the need for speed
In the aftermath of pandemic-fueled shipping delays and in anticipation of ecommerce’s largest peak ever—we asked consumers, what does “fast” shipping mean anymore?
4m read11/15/20BOXpoll