PBIL version 4.8.3 release notes (June 25, 2021)

PBIL version 4.8.3 release notes (June 25, 2021)
Products affected: PBIL


  • 2659: Added wait animation when getting package details
  • 2695: ParcelPoint: when adding user/department via third party API system will use mapped location to update 360 platform and return an error if none is mapped
  • 2786: Update default settings to be more appropriate (example: stale package changed from 1200 hours to 48 hours)
  • 2793: Added package pin code to third party API callback message with DELIVERED status

Bug Fixes

  • 2536: Authorized users for departments not displaying correctly
  • 2753: Packages not in a LOCKERRESERVED status were allowed to be changed to INLOCKER using the third party API
  • 2754: Error email is mistakenly sent when rear loading a package into a different locker
  • 2764: ParcelPoint: if there are packages marked INLOCKER, you are unable to switch locker vendors
  • 2772: ParcelPoint: unable to create a reservation
  • 2774: Daily Volume widgets have incorrectly formatted times
  • 2787: ParcelPoint: unable to send INLOCKER notifications
  • 2789: Collected volume report shows delivery clerk instead of recipient (PBIL-27)
  • 2790+2791: Users/Departments not returning all of the data via the third party API
  • 2796: Locker Bank edit screen does not save changes (PARCEL-356)
  • 2798: Daily Volume stale packages widget was not directing the user to the correct page

UPDATED: April 21, 2022