Using the Refill dashboard in PitneyAnalytics

Use the dashboard feature in PitneyAnalytics to look at current or recent meter refill spending.
Products affected: PitneyAnalytics

Use the PitneyAnalytics dashboard to view current or recent meter refill activity and trends across the enterprise at a glance.

  1. Select Analytics > Dashboard, or select the Dashboard tab.
    select Dashboard

  2. Select the Refill tab.
    dashboard refill tab
  3. Use the filters to select the data you wish to view.
    analytics dashboard filters

    1. Filter: The default value is Division/Region. Do not change this setting as it represents the entire enterprise (all divisions and all locker locations).
    2. Division/Region: Select the divisions you wish to view.
    3. Location: Select the locker locations you wish to view.
    4. Date Range: Select one of the preset time periods, or select Custom Range to enter a specific date range.
    5. Refresh: Once you have selected all of your options, click on the refresh icon to display the analysis.
      refresh icon
  4. Select the type of shipping activity you want to display. dashboard sending activity

More about the dashboard

dashboard overview

  1. Key Performance Indicators show you your sending activity at a glance.
  2. Sending Activity shows you a breakdown of activity in graphical format.
  3. Sending Activity by Location shows you a breakdown of activity in graphical format. Hover over the bubbles for highlights, and click for a detailed location snapshot.
  4. Carrier Activity shows you a breakdown of carriers and classes. Hover over the segments for more information.
  5. Cost Account Activity shows you cost and piece count for your cost accounts.

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UPDATED: August 18, 2023