Learn about printing shipping labels in SendPro

Learn the process of creating a shipping label for your selected carrier with SendPro.

UPDATED: 27 July 2016

SendPro™ walks you through the process of creating a shipping label for your selected carrier. The workflow breaks the work of providing shipment details and choosing carrier services into several steps. When you combine this workflow with other features of SendPro, such as the Address Book and Presets, you can further speed up and simplify the process of preparing and printing a label.

Creating your first label
There are two ways to initiate your first label workflow in SendPro:

  1. From the Home page, look for one or more large buttons showing the carriers’ names. You may need to add a carrier first in order for it to appear as an option.
  2. From any screen, select the Print menu and then select a carrier under Shipping Labels.

Here are the basic steps to complete:

  1. Choose a recipient. You define the recipient, either by entering a new address or selecting an address you’ve saved in the Address Book.
  2. Choose your packaging. You select carrier-specific packaging (such as a flat rate envelope or box) or provide details about your own packaging, such as its dimensions and weight.
  3. Choose services. You will see all of your available service options, along with delivery times and cost. Here’s where you’ll be able to select any additional services, such as Saturday service or required signatures. Note: All SendPro shipments include shipment tracking.
  4. Print your label. You’ll have a chance to preview — and select a few other options, such as adding a memo or printing a receipt — before you print your label.

As part of the label creation process you can also assign a Cost Account, add email addresses for email notifications and more.

The overall workflow for creating and printing a label is the same for all carriers, although you will notice some variation in packaging sizes and services offered.