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Pitney Bowes Ranks on 2023 SmartWay High Performer List for Truck Carriers on Carbon Metrics
Our commitment toward this goal and our overarching mission to continuing to do the right thing, the right way, lead to our spot on SmartWay’s High Performers: Truck Carriers, Carbon Metrics ranking.
2mm read09/21/23Sustainability
Reduce and Reuse: Our Green Remanufacturing Cycle
Pitney Bowes has taken strong steps to reuse and remanufacture products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, save natural resources, conserve energy, and reduce pollution.
4mm read04/19/23Sustainability
Pitney Bowes Recognition for the Environment
For the second consecutive year Pitney Bowes was awarded Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management by achieving significant reduction goals.
2m read10/14/21Sustainability