The new parcel management

How modern technologies help businesses streamline mail center operations and keep employees safe.

New challenges call for new solutions

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It’s time for a new approach to parcel management.

Today’s world is digital. Ecommerce is commonplace. Mail centers often find themselves overwhelmed with parcels and struggle to keep pace with employee expectations.

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Parcel volume trends show no signs of slowing down either, with annual shipping volume expected to increase by nearly 15% through 2024.

Workplace dynamics have changed, too. Businesses have adopted new models such as hoteling and the hybrid mix of in-office and remote work. Parcels are delivered, but often employees are not onsite to receive them and want updates to know their items are safe and secure.

Cost pressures, space limitations and short staffing all add to your challenges. Inbound, outbound, and across the entire mail center experience, you need a better way.

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It’s not just about the parcels anymore.

In your world, incoming parcels can range from supplies and equipment to important documents for administration and even personal deliveries for employees.


inbound packages

As companies evolve and the number of inbound packages rises, centralized mail centers struggle to keep up with volumes, storage limitations and new workforce models. Because the need for social distancing further complicates an already challenging situation, some have begun to investigate contactless delivery solutions.

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Higher expectations have raised the bar.

  • Surge in package volume leads to delivery delays, raising concerns from employees.
  • Recipients demand fast, error-free updates.
  • Ensuring health and safety is a top priority among employers and employees.

Mail centers are experiencing challenges.

  • Higher volumes require longer shifts, resulting in overworked staff.
  • Time-wasting, manual login limits responsiveness and increases costs.
  • Packages not being picked up quickly take up valuable shelf space.
  • Lost or misplaced packages create a negative experience.
  • More packages require more storage space in already cramped mail centers.

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Four ways to increase efficiency, precision and satisfaction.

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Prompt tracking and delivery notifications
Self-service parcel pick up
Multi-carrier outbound shipping
Centralized management within and across business units

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