PBR Splitblock Module

Documentation and reference for the pbr-splitblock-module

Image Style: Foreground, Style: No gap, Blue gradient

Client Profile: Klumm Brothers

• Demolition, excavation and commercial waste management company

• Concrete crushing and recycling services differentiate Klumm Brothers from competitors

• Service area includes all of northwest Ohio

Image in secondary block

Image style: none, Style: Top Gap,  Gray Background

Added primary and secondory block.

Primary block has a headline with different headline levels, in the description textarea plain text and text with bullet or numner points can be written.

Secondory block has the headline and feature block. For the headline has different headline levels and in the feature multiple feature text can be added. Feature text gets bullet points added


Primary Block

Primary Block has the textarea where we can write any text, description or bullet points

Headline Level H1

Secondory Block

  • It is Feature Text box

Image Style: None, Styles: Light text, Blue Gradient

Image Style: None

Image style has selected as None and style as Blue gradients


Secondory Block
  • For Secondory Block Blue background gets set and text overlappse on it
  • Another feature text box

Image Style: Background, Style: Reverse

  • For displaying the image in pbr-splitblock(Primary/Secondory Block) , image style should be selected.
  • If kept it as None, then image will not display in the block even if we have selected the image.

This is primary block

Applied the style as reverse. Primary and Secondory block gets exchanged.

Secondory block displays on left and primary block displays on right side.

Background image reverse style

Image Style: Background, Style: Overlay, Top Gap

Nothing has been added in the Primay block. Only single block gets displyed.

Selected style is Overlay, so the text added in the secondory block gets overlap on the image we have selected 

Secondary block overlay text

Secondory Block

  • Text overlayed on the image

Image Style: Foreground, Style: Reverse, Blue Gradient

For displaying image background as blue or gray, image style should be selected as Foreground.

Primary Block

Primary block appears at right.

Style has selected as reverse.

Foreground image in Secondary block

Primary Block

Empty Primary block

Secondory Block

  • Secondaory Block with the CTA
  • CTA navigating to the the top
  • CTA style is Blue
  • CTA has a option to open link in new tab
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