Pitney Bowes Parcel Services APIs'

Easily integrate USPS, and other carrier services into your platform with Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API.

Consumers don’t care that shipping is complex, but they do care about receiving their shipments on time and as promised. Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API help you solve complex shipping issues simply and efficiently. Now you can offer USPS shipping through your current operational flows. Lightweight, easy-to-use and featuring a seamless integration process, our Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API don’t require extensive time or investment.
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Full-featured shipping

Create daily shipping manifests to speed carrier processing. Manage refunds and cancellations.

Verify USPS addresses

The API can search the USPS’s database of known mailing addresses. If it can’t recognize the address entered, the API suggests an alternative if it finds a close match.


Shop for the best rates

See which shipping services are available for a specific package. You’ll find out exactly how much they’ll cost and how long delivery will take, all in real time.

Improve your cash flow

Select from flexible payment options to free up funds so you can invest in your core business operations.

Money savings

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There is no charge to try our Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API. You will only be charged when you activate your plan.


Test integration with your application.

When you register for a developer account, you will be assigned an API key and secret to start using the Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API. You can use this set of API key and secret to generate OAUTH tokens and start accessing the Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API.


Logistics Management

Track your packages.

The Tracking API allows you to track packages from origin until they are delivered at their final destination.


Reprint Labels

The Reprint Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API allows you to reprint labels in case they are misplaced or damaged.


Refund and/or cancel shipments.

The Cancel Pitney Bowes Parcel Services API allows you to cancel the shipment and refund the money spent on the shipment. The refund process requires approval from USPS and is typically processed within 14 days of the request.