Financial Services

Pitney Bowes Bank expands client access to capital.

Investing in small to medium-sized businesses and high-volume shippers.
Customized solutions to meet your businesses’ capital needs.
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Equipment Financing
Finance capital equipment and software, or increase sales by providing vendor financing for your customers.
  • Flexible financing structure
  • Customized lease terms
  • Tailored vendor financing options
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Working Capital
Access affordable working capital including credit lines and term loans, as well as Shipping & Logistics financing.
  • Affordable term loans
  • Business credit lines
  • Carrier payment options
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Postage Payments
Pay for meter postage, permit mail, USPS shipping and more, all from one seamless and easy-to-use account.
  • Credit line for mail-related expenses
  • FDIC-insured pre-paid deposit account
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How to apply?

Let's connect and we'll help arrange a financial option that suits you.

Solutions that deliver real financial benefit.

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Increase access to capital
Expand your options with a known financial partner.
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Accelerate business goals
Focus on your business by letting us help develop the right financial solution to meet your needs.
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Enhance profitability
Leverage our financing and infrastructure to generate growth and return.
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Improve cash flow
Take advantage of solutions to optimize your cash flow.

See what Pitney Bowes Bank can do for you


Capital ready to lend at attractive terms

  • The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc., Member FDIC, has a strong deposit base and low loan-to-deposit ratio.
  • Offering a wide range of diverse solutions that are competitively priced, adjusted appropriately for risk and client needs.
  • Tailoring structures, terms and conditions to each client’s unique situation.
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Dedicated Expertise

Leveraging experience and leadership for your success

  • Helping SMB clients for decades.
  • Delivering ease and simplicity.
  • Utilizing comprehensive credit, risk, and performance data and analytics to deliver timely funding for your needs.
  • Leveraging experience and relationships in shipping to provide specialized payables solutions.
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Expanded Financial Flexibility

A complementary capital partner to ensure sustained liquidity.

  • Offering supplemental financing options to ensure you are prepared for market fluctuations and unexpected events.
  • Allowing you to utilize diverse sources of credit more efficiently.
  • Partnering with other financial solutions providers to deliver you the best options.
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