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Working capital catapults growth

Case Study: Michigan-based, rapid growth information technology company


This small high-speed growth IT company had the opportunity of a lifetime but needed working capital in order to accept the new project that could take them to the next level, catapulting their revenues of less than $10MM to more than $50MM annually. To successfully take on the growth opportunity, the company would need to hire talent, solidify vendor relationships and confirm supply lines, become the new client’s certified partner, and more. None of this growth was evidenced in their historical financials, the cornerstone of quick lending decisions.


Pitney Bowes Bank went beyond the typical historical financials review and performed a deep dive into the company, their industry, client base, operational and financial processes, and the opportunity itself. By partnering with the client, their CPA, and attorney, to gain a deep understanding of the contractual details of their new customer, the opportunity itself, vendors, and the payment terms for the project, Pitney Bowes Bank was able to help this IT company harness this growth opportunity.

"Our existing bank didn’t take the time to understand how big this opportunity was for our company and how it will help us grow. The team at Pitney Bowes Bank spent a lot of time digging in with us and our external partners. They gave us access to the capital we needed to expand and earned the right to be called our financial partner of choice.”
— CEO, IT company, Michigan
IT company
  • Acquired significant new client opportunity to grow the company
  • Secured working capital solidified vendor relationships and necessary project assets
  • Preserved liquidity and improved cash flow
  • $40MM revenue growth trajectory
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