Do you have a non-compliant Quadient device?

Become compliant with a Pitney Bowes postage meter, and get so much more value.

Meet the IMI compliant SendPro family of devices.

Unlimited cost accounts
Accounting options provide significant flexibility for businesses and individuals
Cloud based technology
Achieve greater performance and security to ensure integrity and compliance with intuitive touchscreens and best-in-class design
Unlock complimentary shipping discounts
Access discounts of up to 89% with Pitney Bowes shipping software
Unmatched service and support
Pitney Bowes award-winning dedicated teams ensure the functionality of your day to day operations

Discover more about your comparable Pitney Bowes Device:

Quadient Non-Compliant (IBI*) Devices
Pitney Bowes USPS Compliant (IMI*) Solutions
Pitney Bowes IMI Device Speed  
IS-280 SendPro® Mailstation Up to 16 LPM
IS/IN 300, IS-400hf and IN-600hf SendPro® C-Lite and C+ Up to 50-65 LPM
and IN-600af
SendPro® C-Auto Up to 120 LPM
IS/IN 700 SendPro® MailCenter 1000 and 2000 Up to 180 LPM
IS/IN 5000 and IS/IN6000 SendPro® MailCenter 3000 Up to 310 LPM

See why 8 out of 8 mailers prefer Pitney Bowes

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