Meet the Pitney Bowes Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) compliant family of solutions

We have a complete portfolio of solutions to meet the requirements of the upcoming 2024 USPS mandate – and your specific mailing needs. We’ve got you covered.

IMI-Compliant Postage Meters

Avoid lines at the Post Office with our easy-to-use, best-in-class postage devices. With cloud-based technology and large color touchscreens, it’s no wonder that 8 out of 8 mailers give Pitney Bowes their stamp of approval over the competition.*

*Based on Independent Competitive Meter Usability Research (June 2023)

Low to Mid Volume Postage Meters

Compare Low to Mid Volume Meters
Up to 50 pieces
Up to 25
5 lbs
Up to 16 letters/min
Up to 200 pieces
Up to 100
Up to 70 lbs*
Up to 50 letters/min
Up to 300 pieces
Up to 150
Up to 70 lbs*
Up to 65 letters/min

Mid to High Volume Postage Meters

Compare Mid to High Volume Meters
Up to 500 pieces
Up to 200
Up to 70 lbs*
Up to 120 letters/min
500 pieces or more
Up to 200
Up to 149 lbs.
Up to 310 letters/min

Need help identifying which postage meter is right for your business?

IMI-Compliant Online Postage Solutions
No longer require a meter? You're in luck. Our IMI-compliant online postage software prints stamps and shipping labels, while earning the same discounts as with a meter. Whether you’re a single user or need enterprise-wide access, we have a subscription option for you.
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IMI-Compliant Postage Label Printer
Looking for a seamless, cost-effective way to print stamps and shipping labels? Our 3 in 1 postage label printer solution offers a built-in 15 lb. scale, mobile app, and seamless integrations to make it even easier to send. It’s perfect for use in a corporate office or your home office.
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IMI Solutions Demo: On-demand recording

[On-demand recording] IMI-Compliant Solutions Spotlight Demo

Recorded May 7, 2024
IMI migration is here, and you need to be prepared. You may be asking yourself what solutions are out there to help you become IMI-compliant and how do you know which is the right choice for the current state of your organization. In this on-demand session, you’ll get a true sense of your next steps toward compliance.

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Pitney Bowes has you covered with our latest family of sending solutions
As the original inventors of the postage meter, we have a more than 100-year relationship with the USPS and we help our clients stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing world of commerce. Whether you’re already a client or not, we have a solution for you.