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Q2 2022

WWD | New Data Finds Emerging Shifts in Consumer Behavior Amid Evolving Economic Landscape

Having never quite settled over the last few years, Pitney Bowes’ latest BOXpoll survey is revealing more shifts in consumer behavior as inflation continues to plague American consumers. “This summer will present both new challenges and new opportunities for brands,” said Vijay Ramachandran, vice president of market strategy, global e-commerce at Pitney Bowes.

Chain Store Age | Consumers are changing their online shopping motivations

Consumers continue to shop online as the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. According to the latest weekly BOXpoll consumer survey from Pitney Bowes, more than half (56%) of respondents said their motivations for buying online have changed since the height of the pandemic. The number one reason survey respondents selected for shopping online was to save a trip to the store (43%).

Parcel & Postal Technology International, UK | Pitney Bowes launches SendPro Mailstation in the UK

Shipping-and-mailing firm Pitney Bowes has launched its SendPro Mailstation franking machine in the UK. SendPro Mailstation’s features include: a built-in scale to weigh mailings; an integrated 4.3in full-color touchscreen with notifications and how-to guides; Royal Mail’s barcoding system Mailmark to provide automated postage rates updates; and presets to accelerate mail processing.

CFO Dive | Pitney Bowes CFO taps robots, targets more shipping

In an interview with CFO Dive, Ana M. Chadwick, Chief Financial Officer, reflects on her first year as CFO of Pitney Bowes, talks automation and robotics, and the role Pitney Bowes plays in shipping.

DATAQUEST Magazine | Big Data and Analytics is changing the game for the Shipping, Mailing and Ecommerce big time

In this interview James Fairweather, Chief Innovation Officer, Pitney Bowes, highlights ecosystem of data science & analytics in the shipping and mailing domain and working on bringing clients closer to the Innovation workforce globally.

Times of India | India Inc goes all out to tackle queerphobia

The Times of India, India’s leading daily newspaper, quoted Ruchi Bhalla, country head - India delivery centres and VP, HR (Asia-Pacific), in an article titled ‘India Inc goes all out to tackle queerphobia’. The story appeared in the digital and print editions of the newspaper. The article highlights how India Inc is going beyond tokenism to create real impact with diversity and inclusion and mentions Pitney Bowes India’s Blind Applications Initiative.

The Recruitment Show Podcast | Building a Culture of Psychological Safety

Ryan Higginson, Vice President & UK/ROI Country Leader at Pitney Bowes joined Lewis Maleh from the Recruitment Show for a video podcast where they discussed remote work, the future of the workplace and building a culture where people feel safe.

Freight Waves | American Eagle’s Quiet Platforms partners with global shipper Pitney Bowes

Just a few days after it was one of the lone bright spots in American Eagle Outfitters’ Q1 2022 earnings report, the retailer’s logistics platform continues to make moves.

Quiet Platforms, the outfitter’s delivery and fulfillment subsidiary, on Tuesday announced a collaboration with global shipper Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI) to bring value-added carrier services to its network, an open-sharing platform that’s aiming to become the “anti-Amazon.”  The growing platform boasts clients such as Steve Madden, Kohl’s and Peloton.

Direct Commerce | Pitney Bowes BOXpoll survey reveals opportunity for British Brands

Pitney Bowes Inc. has released new findings from its latest BOXpoll survey highlighting the opportunity for British retailers with young US online shoppers. The survey of 1,254 US cross-border online shoppers finds one in four (25 per cent) Generation Z consumers and more than one in five (22 per cent) millennials buy from UK online retailers once a month or more.

HR News | Ten things effective leaders do to manage remote teams successfully

Byline article by Ryan Higginson, Vice President & UK/ROI Country Leader, on remote working in the UK and the successful management of remote teams.

AXIOS | Closer Newsletter - Charted: The great package race

Amazon Logistics last year held a 22% share of the parcel delivery market (by volume), compared to UPS at 24%, according to a new Pitney Bowes report out today.

WSJ | Logistics Report

59 million parcels generated in U.S. distribution networks daily in 2021. The Parcel Shipping Index was featured as Number of the Day in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal Logistics Report. A daily newsletter covering the most important news and in-depth analysis from WSJ on everything related to supply chain and logistics.

Freight Waves | More trucks, please! Parcel volumes remain on upward trajectory

Americans love shopping, and as a result, 59 million parcels were generated each day in 2021, according to research from Pitney Bowes.

The global shipping and mailing company on Monday released its Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, finding that U.S. parcel volume grew 6% in 2021 over 2020, reaching 21.5 billion parcels shipped. That works out to 683 parcels per second.

Multichannel Merchant | Domestic Parcel Growth Much Slower in 2021

Multichannel Merchant reporter Mike O’Brien interviewed Jason Dies on the findings of the 2021 Parcel Shipping Index. “In the context of COVID, supply chain costs and skyrocketing demand, they’re all factors forcing merchants to rethink their carrier strategies,” said Jason Dies, EVP and President of Sending Technology Solutions for Pitney Bowes. “We’re seeing the impact of that in a couple ways, with a lot of merchants continuing to diversify their multi-carrier strategy.”

Supply Chain Dive | Small parcel carriers nearly double volume, revenue in 2021: Pitney Bowes

Supply Chain Dive reporter Max Garland interviewed Gregg Zegras on the findings of the 2021 Parcel Shipping Index. “Smaller carriers weren’t in a strong position in 2020 to immediately take advantage of the heightened interest, but they made network investments that paid off the following year,” said Gregg Zegras, executive VP and president of global ecommerce at Pitney Bowes. “With newfound capacity, smaller carriers are now receiving a larger share of shippers’ parcels, according to the index’s data.”

Sourcing Journal | Pitney Bowes, DHL Freight Build Out Delivery Capacity

Major delivery companies Pitney Bowes and DHL Freight are expanding their footprints to enhance their core capabilities. Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes announced the opening of a new Presort Services Mega Center in Las Vegas.

BW People How Pitney Bowes Is Building The Next-Generational "Think-Force?"

BW People, a leading HR platform in India, published an exclusive interview with Ruchi Bhalla, Country Head - India Delivery Centers and Vice President, Human Resources (Asia Pacific). In the interview, Ruchi talks about the role organizations can play to provide opportunities and exposure for talent to develop themselves. She also emphasizes on enhancing management practices to bridge the gap in the tech industry. | 6 key challenges of complex cloud environments — and how to manage them

Organizational reliance on the cloud is on the rise, so too are the difficulties of managing increasingly complex cloud strategies. Pitney Bowes Chief Innovation Officer, James Fairweather, discusses cybersecurity risks and ways to address them in this interview with CIO Online.

eSeller365 | Pitney Bowes Launches New Suite of Flexible eCommerce Logistics Suite

Pitney Bowes announced a next-generation portfolio of eCommerce logistics service platforms designed to address the varied needs of direct-to-consumer brands, omnichannel retailers, marketplaces, and third-party logistics operators.

eCommerce Bytes | Returns Cost Sellers a Whopping 21 Percent of Order Value

Pitney Bowes is out with research that shows returns are a greater challenge for sellers than ever before. It surveyed medium- and large-brands and found online returns cost retailers an average 21% of order value – with several brands reporting considerably higher ratios.

Chain Store Age | Survey: Returns cost online retailers 21% of order value

Retailers are eating into retailer costs.

U.S. online retailers face significant logistical and financial challenges due to the high cost and increasing number of e-commerce returns, according to Pitney Bowes’ latest BOXpoll survey. The survey of digital and omnichannel brands found that online returns cost retailers an average 21% of order value, with several brands reporting ratios considerably higher.

Q1 2022

People Matters | Approach DEI from the lens of ‘Intersectionality’: Ruchi Bhalla, Pitney Bowes

People Matters, one of India’s leading HR platforms, featured an exclusive interview with Ruchi Bhalla, Country Head India Delivery Centers and VP HR (Asia Pacific). In the interview, Ruchi talks about Pitney Bowes India’s approach to DEI from the lens of ‘Intersectionality’ with a focus on rebuilding social capital, creating personalized DEI programs, and encouraging employees to take ownership of building an inclusive environment that works for ALL.

Express Computer | How blockchain technology can revolutionize the shipping industry 

One of India’s most respected IT publications featured an article by Pankaj Sachdeva, Vice President, Data Science and Analytics & Managing Director, India Innovation. In the article, Pankaj delves into the opportunities that Blockchain technology presents for the Shipping & Mailing industry and its challenges. 

Retailbiz | Why digital visitor and contractor management systems are crucial

Given the high volume of foot traffic that transport and logistics organizations manage, technology solutions like digital visitor and contractor management systems have become critical investments writes Stephen Darracott, Vice President and Country Manager at Pitney Bowes Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Retail Touchpoints | 4 Ways Ecommerce Returns Will Change in 2022

Pandemic-driven online sales growth has brought with it an increase in online return volumes. Vijay Ramachandran, VP Marketing Strategy and Planning, Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce takes a look at four ways we expect the area of online returns to change this year.

SmallBizTrends | Funding Circle and Pitney Bowes Announce Small Business Loan Partnership 

Funding Circle the online small business lending platform has partnered with Pitney Bowes a global shipping and mailing service provider to offer small businesses more affordable loans. According to the partnership, Funding Circle’s machine learning and technology platform will combine with Pitney Bowes logistics and financial services.

Global Finance Magazine | Beyond The Mailroom: Q&A With Pitney Bowes' President Of Global Financial Services Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson, president of Global Financial Services at Pitney Bowes, speaks about global small business lending and the goals for PB’s Chartered Bank and Financial Services division.

eSeller 365 |Pitney Bowes to Deploy More Ambi Robotics Systems in eCommerce Hubs (eSeller 365)

Pitney Bowes announced a $23 million deployment expansion with Ambi Robotics to install more AmbiSort systems in the company’s eCommerce hubs across the US.

The Robot Report | Ambi Robotics and Pitney Bowes sign $23 million expansion (The Robot Report)

Ambi Robotics, the creator of the AmbiSort robotic sorting solution, and Pitney Bowes, a global shipping and mailing company, signed a $23 million expansion deal. Pitney Bowes will make the investment over the next four years in Robot as a Service (RaaS) fees. 

Christopher Johnson Podcast: DEI Financing And Lending (American Diversity Report)

Hear Christopher Johnson, SVP and President, Global Financial Services discuss the important trends he sees in the small business lending space, particularly for diverse people.

The Black Experience in Equipment Finance (Equipment Finance Matters Podcast)

Recorded during Black History Month and created by the ELFA Equality Committee, this podcast episode features a candid discussion about the Black experience in the equipment finance industry. Christopher Johnson, SVP and President, Global Financial Services, is a guest speaker.

Retail Customer Experience | Consumers still like at-home delivery as retailers expand curbside pickup

More than half of consumers, 64%, prefer at-home delivery as retailers continue to expand curbside pickup options. That's a top finding of a Pitney Bowes BOXpoll consumer survey effort.

Chain Store Age | Survey: Most consumers still prefer at-home delivery — especially this group

Retailers are expanding curbside pickup options, but at-home delivery remains king for shoppers. That’s according to Pitney Bowes’ recent BOXpoll survey in which 64% of consumers, when asked how they want to collect their items, said they prefer home delivery, while just 23% prefer curbside pickup when given a choice between the two options. Twelve percent had no opinion.

Smart Hustle | NEWS – New Banking Services Are A Win for Small Biz Says Pitney Bowes Exec

In a discussion with Ramon Ray, small business expert and founder of, Christopher Johnson, President of Pitney Bowes Financial Services, talks about Pitney Bowes, its Financial Services business and how we can help small businesses grow with our working capital solutions.

BCCCC Magazine | Executive Perspective: Education Equity

Corporate Citizen, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s magazine, features a byline article by CEO Marc Lautenbach, discussing the importance of education equity and Pitney Bowes commitment to supporting literacy and education to open access to equity and opportunity for all children. | What’s next for the UK’s carriers?

As parcel numbers rise, expect to see carriers invest further in automation and last mile efficiency this year, predicts Ryan Higginson, VP & UK/ROI Country Leader in

HR World from The Economic Times | How India Inc. is ensuring inclusion for LGBTQ employees

Ruchi Bhalla, Country Head - India Delivery Centers and VP - HR(APAC), is quoted in a story about workplace equality and hiring LGBTQ employees and creating a supportive atmosphere to thrive in the workplace. Ruchi is quoted alongside leaders from Accenture, Capgemini, Tata Steel, and L’Oréal.  Her quote highlights Pitney Bowes India’s Blind Application initiative and the ‘I for Inclusion, I for Intersectionality’ D&I program.



Freight Waves | Pitney Bowes announces 5.9% e-commerce rate increase, hiring plans

Global shipping and mailing company Pitney Bowes has announced it will apply a 5.9% general rate increase for e-commerce services, effective Jan. 2, 2022.
The company also said it has made investments to gear up for what is expected to be a record-shattering e-commerce shipping season with more capacity, automation and workforce expansions.


[podcast] Robot Report | The rise of Amazon Logistics

VP, Head of Global Platform and Network at Pitney Bowes, Stephanie Cannon, can be heard on the latest edition of the Robot Report podcast talking about Pitney Bowes collaborative innovation program and relationship with Ambi Robotics. Her segment begins around the 47:00 mark.


Boston Consulting Group | The Biggest Transformation Trap: An Interview with Pitney Bowes’s Marc Lautenbach

"Getting too far away from your core is one of the traps of transformations," says Pitney Bowes CEO, Marc B. Lautenbach. In an interview with BCG’s Global Chair, Rich Lesser, Marc hones in on culture as one of the most important aspects of digital transformation.


Chain Store Age | Survey: Amid warnings, holiday shopping started to surge in mid-September

According to the latest results of the weekly Boxpoll consumer survey from Pitney Bowes, between mid-September and early October 2021, the number of respondents who started holiday shopping jumped from just 25% to 42%. In total, surveyed consumers have completed 14% of their planned holiday purchases.


Post & Parcel | Pitney Bowes: 1 in every 5 ecommerce transactions is likely to be cross-border in the next four years

Demand is highest among buyers located in the US and China, with more than one in ten US consumers buying from UK retailers at least once a month. This research is announced as Pitney Bowes forecasts reveal one in every five ecommerce transactions is likely to be cross-border in the next four years.


Tamebay | Pitney Bowes BOXpoll – Continued demand for UK online retailers among overseas shoppers

Pitney Bowes have revealed new BOXpoll data which uncovers fresh insight into cross-border buyer behaviours, trends and product preferences.



Chain Store Age |Study: Global parcel volume tops 130 billion in 2020

The number of parcels shipped worldwide rose sharply in 2020, with expectations for continuing dramatic growth. According to the new Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, featuring 2020 data from 13 major markets around the world, global parcel volume reached 131.2 billion in 2020. This equates to 4,160 parcels shipped per second, an increase of 27% year-over-year.


Business Insider | A wave of e-commerce logistics startups is threatening to break the UPS and FedEx duopoly

UPS and FedEx are losing market share. They have been every year since at least 2016, according to e-commerce company Pitney Bowes. To date that loss has largely gone to Amazon as the ecommerce giant steadily moves delivery in-house.


Parcel and Postal Technology International | Pandemic sees US parcel volumes grow by nearly 40% in 2020

Technology solutions provider Pitney Bowes has released the US data from its latest Parcel Shipping Index, ahead of the launch of the global index later this month.
Now in its sixth year, the industry report paints the clearest picture yet of the pivotal influence the pandemic has had on the US shipping and logistics industry.


The Times of India | How companies use stories and drama to sensitise workers

The Times of India, India’s leading daily newspaper, published a feature story on Pitney Bowes based on an exclusive interview with Ruchi Bhalla, VP, HR APAC and India Country Leader. The story delves into Pitney Bowes ‘I for Inclusion, I for Intersectionality’ Program, a unique initiative aimed to make everyone, irrespective of gender, region or religion, feel equally represented and to sensitize employees towards their colleagues.


DC VELOCITY Podcast | Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY

How will lockers be part of workers' return to the office? Pitney Bowes smart lockers research is featured in the latest DC Velocity Logistics Matters podcast.


Small Business Trends | Office Workers Among Those Most Likely to Favor Smart Lockers to Get Packages Securely

According to a new study from Pitney Bowes, office workers are the most likely to favor smart lockers to get packages securely. Millennials and urban dwellers are also part of this group that sees the benefit of using smart lockers.


The Economic Times | Pitney Bowes reworks leave policy for a more inclusive workplace

One of India’s leading publications conducted an exclusive interview with Ruchi Bhalla, India Country Head and vice president HR, APAC, on Pitney Bowes India new and more inclusive Parenting Policies. The article highlights the Special Leave Policy for adopting parents regardless of gender, Paternity Leave Policy and mentions the ‘Blind Application’ initiative for job applicants as a part of our commitment to building a more inclusive workplace.


People Matters | Culture can and needs to evolve with time: Ruchi Bhalla, Pitney Bowes

One of India’s leading HR Portals features an interview with Ruchi Bhalla, India Country Head and vice president HR, APAC. Ruchi talks about strengthening transparency and trust, investing in intelligent workplace technologies, enhancing the wellness quotient through sustainable organizational practices and her vision of the workplace of the future.



Chain Store Age | Pitney Bowes speeds up parcel sorting with smart robots

A global commerce solutions provider is deploying robotic parcel sorting technology in its U.S. e-commerce hubs. Pitney Bowes will roll out artificial intelligence (AI)-based robots from Ambi Robotics at e-commerce distribution facilities across the country in the next five years.


WWD | Second-Half Outlook: Is the Glass Half Full? Or Half Empty?

Vijay Ramachandran, vice president of marketing strategy and planning for Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce, latest contribution to WWD based on recent BOXpoll results is keeping us in the conversation about what’s next for ecommerce and the American consumer.


Forbes | Enabling A Digital Transformation At Pitney Bowes

Bill Borrelle, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pitney Bowes shares how Marketing has been able to contribute to the transformation of Pitney Bowes.


WWD | The Great Consumer Dispersion

New data from Pitney Bowes shows the economic and societal impacts from the dispersal of consumption due to COVID-19.


BOSS Magazine | E-commerce Ease, Delivered

Pitney Bowes has been powering the flow of commerce across borders, brands and barriers for over a century. Their path of invention and visionary steps have garnered the Stamford, Conn., company a unique place in American history and in the annals of global commerce.


Chain Store Age | Survey: Younger consumers to lead charge in increased spending this summer

The retail industry is set for an optimistic few months, with U.S. consumers — both those vaccinated and not – set to increase spending this summer across key product categories. Consumers plan to spend 12% more on sporting goods and 9% more on apparel and footwear, home and garden products this summer than last, according to the latest BOXPoll survey from Pitney Bowes Inc.


Parcel & Postal Technology International | The opportunities available in the returns sector for postal operators

But there is a need for agility among posts that have previously had other priorities. “Post offices are typically known for being able to operate on a large scale,” says Joe Ballato, returns product director at Pitney Bowes. “Their focus has traditionally been on the physical service and secondarily on the technology or customer service.” He says more is required: “When it comes to returns, consumers also expect a great online experience, in addition to fast and inexpensive transportation.”


e-commerce magazin | Same day delivery is history: Germans are surprisingly patient when it comes to shipping

After a year of the Corona pandemic, Pitney Bowes has now asked consumers in Germany, Australia, China, France, Canada and the UK about their patience in the shipping process in a Boxpoll survey. The results show: In Germany, parcel recipients are apparently not in such a hurry. | Pitney Bowes' Lautenbach Looks Beyond the Pandemic

Marc Lautenbach, president and CEO, reflects on this past year and shares his insights on "looking beyond the pandemic" in a recent interview with CBIA‘s president and CEO Chris Dipentima.


Royal Mail Market Reach | Eight reasons mail is the right channel for fundraisers to use now

This guest blog post exploring the power and effectiveness of mail for charities has been written by Ryan Higginson, Vice President & UK/ROI Country Leader, Sending Technology Solutions, Pitney Bowes.


TechCircle | The role of data engineering and data science in the shipping industry

In this article, Pankaj Sachdeva, vice president, innovation and India site leader, talks about how data is generated, captured, and leveraged during the shipping process. He also shares interesting use cases where data science is applied for prediction and operational optimization in the shipping industry.


BW People | Future Trends of Diversity & Inclusiveness at the Workplace

In this byline article, Ruchi Bhalla, Vice President, HR, APAC and India Country Leader talks about the role of Diversity and Inclusion in creating a positive and winning work environment. She highlights future diversity trends – making inclusion a strategic priority, creating a strong cultural foundation for inclusion, adoption of HR technology to minimize biases and re-engineering the employee experience.


Savoy | Pitney Bowes: Translating the Dream into Reality

Byline article by Sheryl Battles, VP, Global Diversity Inclusion and Engagement on Pitney Bowes legacy of inclusion and actions to advance our diversity and the inclusiveness of our culture, workforce, supply chain and communities in which we operate.



WSJ | Stores Have a Mission: Getting You to Keep That Thing You Bought Online

Consumers got comfortable buying everything from groceries to makeup online, as brick-and-mortar stores temporarily shut and anxiety mounted about spending time indoors. In a recent survey by technology company Pitney Bowes, 42% of consumers said they plan to shop even more online once the pandemic ends than they do now.


Freight Waves | Will Postal Service parcel rate hikes cause a shipper rethink?

The larger issue is that parcel shippers of all stripes overpay to the tune of about 13%, according to Jason Dies, executive vice president of Pitney Bowes Inc., the Postal Service’s largest workshare partner, and president of Pitney Bowes’ Sending Technology Solutions, whose SendPro software helps parcel shippers compare rates, carriers and service options. Postal Service parcel rates can vary widely, and the IT tools finally exist for shippers to identify and exploit any anomalies for their benefit, Dies said in an interview.


PARCEL | Mapping the incredible growth trajectory of the global parcel shipping industry

Insights from SendTech President, Jason Dies, on the incredible growth trajectory of the global parcel shipping industry, can be found on p32 and p33 of the Jan/Feb edition of PARCEL magazine.


Vogue Business | The single-use plastic overhaul is coming for fashion

“More than 100 billion packages are shipped each year across 13 major global markets, a figure expected to double by 2026.” Vogue Business cites the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index in its report on single use plastics in fashion.


MM Logistik | That's how parcels reach their goal faster

In its Parcel Shipping Index, Pitney Bowes estimates that last year was a record year for German CEP services - with over 4 billion parcels nationwide. In view of this sheer mass, the industry is faced with the question of how parcel delivery can be further optimized.


SDC Executive | 5 Critical Lessons SMBs Can Learn from the Impact of COVID-19

In this byline article for Supply and Demand Chain Executive, Jason Dies, Executive Vice President and President, Sending Technology Solutions, shares five lessons learned during Covid that small businesses can use to build a strong foundation for 2021.


Channel Life | Future trends for parcel sending and e-commerce

Byline article by Pitney Bowes head of shipping for A/NZ Ben Seal on trends that emerged in 2020 and are here to stay.


ELFA | It’s Time for Lenders to Step Up and Support the Small Business Community

Byline article by Christopher Johnson, Senior Vice President and President, Pitney Bowes Financial Services for the March/April edition of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) magazine.


IT Brief | Managing health, safety, and security with visitor management systems

The workplace is evolving, and organizations across different industries accelerated their digital adoption and transformation in response to the pandemic, integrating new technology solutions and ways of working. In this byline article by Stephen Darracott, Pitney Bowes VP and country manager for ANZ and Japan, writes about visitor management solutions’ crucial role in security.


e-commerce magazin | Same day delivery is history: Germans are surprisingly patient when it comes to shipping

After a year of the Corona pandemic, Pitney Bowes has now asked consumers in Germany, Australia, China, France, Canada and the UK about their patience in the shipping process in a Boxpoll survey. The results show: In Germany, parcel recipients are apparently not in such a hurry.


Retail TouchPoints | Six Things the Consumer of 2021 Really Wants

Six things we learned consumers want from retailers heading into 2021 from Pitney Bowes weekly consumer research BOXpoll.


Freight Waves | Commentary: 7 ways small business can cut parcel-shipping costs

SendTech President Jason Dies shares ways small and medium-size businesses can mitigate parcel delivery costs in this byline article for Freight Waves.



WSJ |  Data Science Focus Delivers for Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Inc.’s expansion into software-powered logistics has helped the century-old company capture a piece of a booming e-commerce market sparked by the coronavirus outbreak, the company’s chief innovation officer says.


Supply Chain Dive | Pitney Bowes offers same-day delivery as fast as 2 hours with gig economy last-mile partners

Pitney Bowes launched a door-to-door same-day delivery service within its SendPro platform, the company announced Tuesday. "Same Day Delivery rates are on par or slightly lower than the typical next day air service from the major carriers," Shemin Nurmohamed, senior vice president of product management at Pitney Bowes, said via email. The program is intended for shippers in locations that facilitate two-hour windows, shipping parcels weighing up to 50 pounds distances of 50 miles or fewer.


Forbes | Leadership Quotes From 10 Transformative CEOs During 2020

CEO Marc Lautenbach is quoted in the article "Leadership Quotes From 10 Transformative CEOs During 2020"


WWD | Holiday Season Kickoff Reveals Permanent Shifts in Consumer Preferences 

In a report by Pitney Bowes and Morning Consult, researchers said “online shopping habits expedited by the pandemic are here to stay this holiday season.”


Great Place to Work® Institute | Pitney Bowes Named One of India’s Top 25 Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM for 2020 


Economic Times India | With changing landscape, leaders must be agile and empathetic 

“The post-Covid era will usher in a new beginning for the talent landscape. Workplaces will be hybrid with a mix of remote and on-site operations.” – Ruchi Bhalla, VP Human Resources, Pitney Bowes India


WSJ | Logistics Report

Logistics Management | Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index points to major parcel volume and revenue gains

As more consumers remain hunkered down at home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the parcel sector continues to reap the benefits, in for form of increasing volumes. It is fair to say that was a key finding in the Parcel Shipping Index, which was issued this week by Stamford, Ct.-based Pitney Bowes, a global technology services provider of commerce solutions powering billions of transactions.


Supply Chain Dive | Parcel shipments passed 100B in 2019, will more than double by 2026: Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes predicts global parcel volume will reach 220-262 billion annual parcel shipments by 2026 due to the quickening pace of e-commerce offerings from retailers and adoption from consumers around the world.


Internet World | New record: over 100 billion parcels worldwide

Last year, for the first time, over 100 billion parcels were sent worldwide, according to the current "Parcel Shipping Index" from Pitney Bowes. For comparison: in 2018 there were 87 billion shipments. In 2019, 3,248 parcels were sent per second worldwide.


Parcel and Postal Technology International | Pitney Bowes report shows global growth of parcel industry

Global e-commerce, shipping, mailing, data and financial services technology company Pitney Bowes has released its latest Parcel Shipping Index report, which found that global parcel volume surpassed 100 billion in 2019, reaching 103 billion.


Suddeutsche Zeitung | Every German receives an average of 44 parcels a year

Statistically speaking, hardly a week goes by in which the average German does not receive at least one parcel: private individuals and companies in this country received 3.65 billion consignments last year. And everything points to the fact that the industry around DHL and Hermes will beat this record again in 2020. That emerges from a study that the postal service provider Pitney Bowes will publish this Tuesday. If you calculate the sheer amount down to all residents, the average is 44 parcels per person per year.


Tamebay | Global parcel volume exceeds 100 billion for first time ever

Pitney Bowes have today released their latest Shipping Index which has found that global parcel volume surpassed 100 billion in 2019, reaching 103 billion. Forecasts predict that global parcel volume is likely to continue increasing due to uncertainty fueled by the global pandemic.


Footwear News | Consumers Care More About Quality of Experience Than Brand Values, When Made to Choose

The growing national conversation around issues like social justice and sustainability has infiltrated retail too, particularly in relation to brand marketing. But new data from Pitney Bowes suggests that this emphasis may be outsized, with consumers choosing quality of experience over aligned values when push comes to shove.


Hartford Courant | Pitney Bowes, turning 100, shifts to ecommerce as its trusted postage meter recedes into the past

Pitney Bowes Inc., known for its postage meter that was a staple in the pre-digital age, turns 100 this year, just in time to prove it knows how to make money in ecommerce.



Money | The best places to live in America

Forbes | Digital transformation and the future of ecommerce with Pitney Bowes CMO

Forbes - From mailing to shipping: Lessons in marketing transformation

Chief Marketer | CMO Q&A: How Pitney Bowes is targeting individuals

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Computing | You must be inclusive for diversity initiatives work

Internet Retailing | Guest blog: Top retailers share their 3 secrets behind successful stores

Chief Marketer | B2B Customer experience: Why CX matters across the entire funnel

Monitor Daily | Wheeler Financial secures two transactions for Eagle Access

HR Zone | 10 tips to improve a company’s internal mobility

GIS Cafe | Pitney Bowes Announces PBLocator Geocoding for ArcGIS

Authority Magazine | Pitney Bowes VP Rose Velez-Smith: “Everyone wants to feel like they are adding value, so including employees in important decisions and initiatives is key”

GIS Lounge | European Global Position System Failure Points to the Importance of Location Technology

Monitor Daily | Wheeler Financial Provides Funding to Ghilotti Bros to Support Growth

CMO Magazine | How IPG Mediabrands re-invented its location analytics

The Drum | Omnichannel is best suited for all generations, CMO Council study says

Women's Wear Daily | Pitney Bowes Inks Deal with ReBOUND to Expand Returns Capabilities

Post & Parcel | Pitney Bowes and ReBOUND Team Up on Global Returns

DC Velocity | Pitney Bowes partners with British returns specialist for cross-border e-commerce

Logistics Manager Magazine | ReBOUND and Pitney Bowes partner

Pitney Bowes  | Pitney Bowes Thought Leadership in Location Intelligence Aligns with Forrester’s Research



GovTechReview | Interview: Nigel Lester, Pitney Bowes Software

Risk and Insurance | Property data - why it's worth more than you think

BankingNews | Chatbots Become Regular Communication

Tamebay | Look to marketplaces for a masterclass in shipping

ITProPortal | Study reveals Millennials expect fast refunds, older consumers are thrifty but tolerant

Business Matters | Mail is for life, not just for Christmas

Internet Retailing | Georges Berzgal on Internet Retailing

Corporate Risk and Insurance | Property data - why it's worth more than you think

Catalyst | Pitney Bowes: Helping Women Push Boundaries, Achieve Dreams

Economic Times | We are helping SMBs take the complexity out of shipping: Pitney Bowes' Jason Dies

▶️ Global News | Money 123: What to know before engaging in Cross-border shopping

▶️ CNBC TV-18 | Manish Choudhary on 'Redefining Shipping'

▶️ CNBC | Black Friday promotions last year and this year are similar, says pro

▶️ ZDNet | DevOps and Agile for Digital Transformation

▶️ Yahoo! Finance | What to expect this holiday shopping season


Internet Retailer | Most consumers were 'let down' by online shopping last holiday season

Stamford Advocate | Pitney Bowes sees revenues rise in third quarter

Multichannel Merchant | Study Finds U.S. Preference for Free Shipping Dropping Slightly

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