Our People: Pitney Bowes Greatest Asset

Today Pitney Bowes was named to Forbes World’s Best Employers of 2021 list. The “World’s Best Employer’ title is Forbes’ most prestigious internal employer accolade. While the recognition reinforces Pitney Bowes reputation as a company that provides excellent employment opportunities, it also reinforces something that is important to me and fundamental to our company- Pitney Bowes does the right things, the right way.

The recognition also reinforces something else. Pitney Bowes is a great company because of the people that work here. Since I joined Pitney Bowes, I have been struck by the tremendous of reservoir of good will that exists between the company and the people that work here. It’s not an asset that you will ever find on the balance sheet, but in my judgement, it is our most important asset.

This relationship between the enterprise and our team is something that you can never take for granted. It must be earned and re-earned every day. Perhaps never before has that relationship been more important than over the last 18 months during Covid. Your resilience, your commitment, your grit has made all the difference.

I’m proud to work at Pitney Bowes and I hope you are too. We are going to do something that very few other companies have been able to pull off- transforming an iconic company while never losing sight of our values.

As we move into our second century, I could not be more excited to realize the future we have all worked so hard for. Congratulations to all of Pitney Bowes!


Marc lautenbach

Marc B. Lautenbach

President and Chief Executive Officer


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