Contacting the Board

The board of directors has established procedures by which stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board the Audit Committee chair the independent directors or the board of directors. Such parties may communicate with the Chairman via e-mail at boardchairman@pb.comwith the Audit Committee chair via e-mail at or they may write to one or more directors care of the Corporate Secretary Pitney Bowes Inc. 3001 Summer Street Stamford CT 06926-0700.

The board of directors has instructed the corporate secretary to assist the Chairman the Audit Committee chair and the board in reviewing all electronic and written communications as described above as follows:

(i) Customer vendor or employee complaints or concerns are investigated by management and copies are forwarded to the Chairman;

(ii) If any complaints or similar communications regarding accounting internal accounting controls or auditing matters are received they will be forwarded by the corporate secretary to the General Auditor and to the Audit Committee chair for review and copies will be forwarded to the Chairman. Any such matter will be investigated in accordance with the procedures established by the Audit Committee; and

(iii) Other communications raising matters that require investigation will be shared with appropriate members of management in order to permit the gathering of information relevant to the directors' review and will be forwarded to the director or directors to whom the communication was addressed.

Except as provided above the corporate secretary will forward written communications to the full board of directors or to any individual director or directors to whom the communication is directed unless the communication is threatening illegal or similarly inappropriate. Advertisements solicitations for periodical or other subscriptions and other similar communications generally will not be forwarded to the directors.