"We do the right thing the right way"

Our core value statement is the north star we use in our interactions with our clients, business partners, employees and communities.


Our centralized Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) team partners with site and operations leadership to ensure the safety of our employees. Together, we identify, mitigate and manage safety risks within our operations by providing training, communications, auditing, collecting and reporting on safety metrics, as well as compliance assistance. This specialized team of EHS experts works closely with local site management and front-line employees to find ways to eliminate injuries, reduce related costs, learn from accidents and injuries, plus identify areas for improvement.


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Risk Reduction

In 2021, our global rate of recordable injuries steadily improved year over year. Our commitment to safety has resulted in fewer recordable incidents and fewer restricted or lost workdays. Risk reduction delivers where it counts most, in well-being.

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Safe practices during COVID

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided virtual resources to help employees stay healthy at home as well as in the field or in facilities where they were essential workers.

These virtual resources included:

  • Online Coronavirus Resource Center to direct employees and their families to benefit and supplier updates as new information became available throughout the early phases of the pandemic.
  • We formed a cross-functional team to guide our approach.
  • Our response plan included communications, training and risk assessment for safe distancing, cleaning protocols, guidance on hand washing and proper mask and PPE usage, health screening processes and COVID safety audits.
  • We also formed a team to consider safety issues associated with a return to office-based work.
  • Incorporating applicable COVID-19 health screening questions throughout the recruitment process and on the Pitney Bowes Careers site.

Our Impact

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Incident Rate Reduced

Our worldwide Total Recordable Incident Rate was down by 23% in (2021). Restricted Workday Case Rate was down by 20%.
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Lost Workday Case Rate Reduced

Lost Workday Case Rate was down by 21% in (2021).

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