"We do the right thing the right way"

Our core value statement is the north star we use in our interactions with our clients, business partners, employees and communities.

Governance of ESG

Our commitments span the range of ESG areas, including environmental sustainability, employee safety, diversity, equity, inclusion, ethics and compliance, community involvement and philanthropy.

As we address these ESG responsibilities and commitments, we consider multiple stakeholders, including our clients, employees, vendors and the communities in which we operate. To serve our stakeholders effectively, we have established multilevel management processes that provide oversight to each aspect of our responsibilities, while maintaining a holistic view of the spectrum. These processes include permanent management-level committees, the Board’s Governance Committee and the full Board of Directors. We also examine specific ESG issues with the full board or designated committees.


Governance of the Company

Pitney Bowes corporate governance emphasizes accountability, oversight and sound operating principles to build trust among our clients, shareholders, employees, and communities.

Our key corporate governance practices include:

Thoughtful Board Composition

  • Diverse and highly skilled board with a range of viewpoints and with women serving as 4 of the 8 independent directors and chairing two of the four board committees
  • Annual consideration of board composition to ensure appropriate mix of board tenure, skills and experience
  • Board refreshment


  • Separate Chairman and CEO
  • Independent board members: All directors are independent other than the CEO
  • Executive sessions at board and committee meetings

Shareholder Rights

  • Majority voting in uncontested director elections
  • Annual election of directors

Strong Corporate Governance Practices

  • Stock holding requirements
  • No hedging or pledging
  • Responsive and active shareholder engagement with regular participation by directors
  • Annual board assessments to align director skills with company needs

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