"We do the right thing the right way"

Our core value statement is the north star we use in our interactions with our clients, business partners, employees and communities.

Environmental Stewardship

At Pitney Bowes, we’re working towards creating a sustainable future by taking a hard look at how we impact the environment today. We consider the actual and potential effects of our operations on the environment, with a particular focus on climate-related risks and sustainability. We’re mindful of these factors as we develop, modify and deliver our products and services. To provide a discipline and consistency to these practices across our organization, we’re guided by a cross-functional environmental sustainability committee. This committee focuses on sharing industry best practices, enabling the exchange of new ideas, insights and information throughout the company. In addition, the committee continuously reviews our company strategy, products and operations through the lens of environmental sustainability.


How we plan to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations by 2040 and in our value chain by 2050:

• Efficient use of energy in our sites and fleet.

• Increased use of renewable energy.

• Offset of remaining carbon emissions.

• Better understanding of the sustainability practices of our suppliers.

• Increased accuracy of suppliers’ CO2 reporting.

• Partner with suppliers engaged in sustainable practice.

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How we reduce environmental impact in products:

• Sustainable life cycles of our shipping and mailing products

• Responsible packaging

• Minimize impact of waste

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Driving Green

We’re on a roll for driving green. We’ve installed telematics to provide accurate, real-time operational and sustainability data. Plus, our over-the-road sleeper trucks have auxiliary power units to minimize unnecessary fuel consumption due to idling.

In several European countries our team is testing hybrid and fully electric vehicles. We strive to understand how this technology can support the specific operational requirements of our colleagues who are on the road most of the time to meet clients’ needs—driving either their own small passenger vehicles or Pitney Bowes company cars.



Our Energy Star Partnership

We value our partnership with ENERGY STAR® and provide energy-efficient products backed by rigorous U.S. government environmental standards. A wide array of our products are Energy Star rated including our SendPro product family (SendPro MailStation, SendPro C Series,SendPro P Series and our latest SendPro MailCenter),as well as our innovative PitneyShip ™ Cube. Our clients have the ability to use less energy as well as lower CO2 emission working with our shipping and mailing equipment.



Our Impact

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We achieved a 16.5% reduction of our CO2 emissions (scope 1 + 2 market based) normalized to revenue (CO2/$M of revenue) compared to our 2019 baseline.
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We reduced our scope 1 and 2 (market based) absolute emissions by 7.8% against our 2019 baseline.
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We increased our share of renewable electricity through new contracts including Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from 29.7% to 43.7%
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We reduced our scope 3 emissions by 15% against our 2021 baseline (first year where we reported on scope 3 emissions).
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America's Climate Leaders 2023

Listed in USA Today's America's Climate Leaders 2023.
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In 2022, we surveyed 63% of our supply chain in value on environmental issues and increased to 24% the scope 3 CO2 emission reports we received from our logistics providers, reinforcing our CDP disclosure.
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