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Small business, retail, enterprise, and government clients around the world rely on Pitney Bowes to remove the complexity of sending mail and parcels. Check out our video series and get up to speed on our business in minutes.
2022 Pitney Bowes business impact stats
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Overview of today's Pitney Bowes

Gain an eye-opening, up-to-date perspective of our organization, including the strides we're making as leaders in the mailing, shipping and logistics industry.

  • $3.5 billion in 2022 revenue
  • 600,000 clients worldwide
  • 95% of services are cloud-based
SendTech shipping 360 capabilities
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SendTech excels as a high-margin recurring revenue model.

  • SendTech serves 90% of the Fortune 500
  • 25% growth in YoY shipping revenues
  • $1B captive finance portfolio
Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Designed Solutions
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Global Ecommerce

Find out why Pitney Bowes is uniquely positioned as a world-class leader in designed fulfillment, delivery, returns and cross-border services.

  • +1M marketplace sellers use our ecommerce solutions
  • +500M parcels managed per year
  • Best in class logistics technology and data science
Presort Services facility images
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Presort Services

Processing mail is big business. And Pitney Bowes owns the lion’s share. We’re the largest workshare partner of the USPS®.

  • 16B pieces of mail processed per year
  • 2nd largest mail handler in the world
  • #1 workshare partner of USPS

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