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Package Tracking FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the status of a package.
If you have additional questions, please contact your retailer or marketplace.

Where can I track my package?

You can track your package using our Pitney Bowes tracking tool. Please click here.

My package is lost/missing. What shall I do?

Please contact the retailer where you made your purchase with any questions about shipping methods and delivery timeframes. Pitney Bowes provides a service for these clients and does not have this information.

Where is my package?

If your parcel is within the estimated delivery date, please wait several business days for its arrival.

If your parcel is still in transit past the estimated delivery date, severe weather in certain regions or damages to a parcel in transit can contribute to any delays.

To help identify the location of your parcel, below are common tracking event examples.

Common Delivery Tracking Events:

Tracking Event Description


Arrived at Post Office

Pitney Bowes has handed your parcel off to the local USPS Post Office for final mile delivery.


Your parcel has received the delivered scan by the carrier at the final delivery address.


Your parcel was forwarded to a new address. It was forwarded either because the original delivery address is invalid, or you requested the parcel to be delivered to a different location.

Notice Left

An unsuccessful delivery attempt was made by your carrier. Please contact your local USPS Post Office to schedule a redelivery or you may pick up your parcel at the Post Office.

Out for Delivery

Your parcel is out for delivery. The carrier should be delivering your parcel by the end of the day.

Shipment Details Received

Pitney Bowes has received the electronic shipping information for your parcel but has not yet received your physical parcel.

Common Returns Tracking Events:

Tracking Event Description


Available for Pickup

Your parcel has been accepted by your local post office and is ready to be picked up by the carrier to continue through the process of being returned to your retailer.

Picked Up by Shipping Agent

This scan confirms that the carrier successfully collected your parcel from the Post Office. Please note this does not mean the parcel has been delivered back to the retailer yet.


You parcel has been delivered to the returns center.

Why does another carrier have my package?

Pitney Bowes partners with many carriers for the final delivery to your home/mailbox. They will be listed as the carrier on the order tracking from your retailer. Please contact the retailer if you have any further questions about your order.

Can I change where my shipment will be delivered?

It depends on the current location of your parcel and the type of shipment method. Please contact the retailer’s customer service department to determine what options are available.

I need my package before the date it is expected to deliver, can I expedite my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to change the service level of your order once the package has shipped from your retailer.

My return shows that it was delivered to its final destination, but I have not received my refund/credit and I am still being charged for the item(s). When can I expect this return to be processed and my credit to be applied?

Please contact the retailer from which you purchased your goods with any questions regarding returns processing, credits and/or final resolution on your return.

How many attempts will the carrier make before my package is returned?

Typically, a carrier will attempt to deliver the package twice before the package is returned to the retailer. With some carriers you can also schedule a redelivery online, please see the carrier website for more details.

Important Note

If you have questions about the status of your delivery or return, it is best to contact the retailer or marketplace where you made your purchase.

A representative would be able to answer any questions regarding their policies for returns, claims, refunds, shipping methods and delivery timeframes. Pitney Bowes provides a service for these clients and therefor, does not have this kind of information.


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