Rapid growth and regulatory compliance lead Mars Capital to a secure, scalable print solution.

Mailstream on Demand outsourcing solution provides accurate mailing, tracking and reporting services.

Client profile


UK mortgage company, acquires and services mortgage portfolios from other lending institutions

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and member of Council of Mortgage Lenders

Founded in 2008, company is experiencing rapid growth, increasing mailings from 800 to 5,000 monthly

Business goals


Comply with Financial Conduct Authority regulations

Meet the demands of rapid growth

Reduce in-house costs and resources associated with mailing



Compliant with regulatory demands

Highly scalable

Reduced costs and staff needed for mailings

Technology Used

Mailstream On Demand | Pitney Bowes


“The Mailstream on Demand solution was price- and feature-driven in response to our requirements.”
Nigel Carter, Chief Executive Officer, Mars Capital

Founded in 2008, Mars Capital manages multiple aspects of mortgage administration and strives to provide customers with a high quality, reliable service. Services include handling monthly mortgage payments, resolving difficulties and property-related issues, providing annual mortgage and redemptions statements, and more. The services require frequent mailings, including monthly and annual statements, regulatory notifications, reminders and ad hoc mailings. In addition to the UK, the company operates in the Republic of Ireland.

Business Need


As a financial institution, Mars Capital must strictly adhere to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, including ensuring the right item is in the right envelope every time.  Regulations also specify that communications must be delivered on time and securely, with item-level tracking and reporting. Additionally, the company needed the flexibility to accommodate FCA requirements, such as printing and inserting FCA guidelines.

Scalability — adapting to rapid growth — was another major challenge. As the company’s mailings grew from 800 to 5,000 pieces monthly, costs of postage, staff and stationary also grew. 



Mars Capital selected the Pitney Bowes Mailstream on Demand outsourcing solution. The company had an established relationship with Pitney Bowes. Prior to engaging Pitney Bowes, Nigel Carter, the chief executive officer of Mars Capital, visited the fulfillment operation and was satisfied with the security, integrity, and scalability of the solution.

Mailstream on Demand includes ISO27001-accreditation and encrypts every letter upon submission. It is a scalable service with no minimum daily volumes. Mars Capital drops the letters to be mailed into a watched online folder for which they set the rules. The company is able to track every letter and access item-level reports through a user web site. Pitney Bowes also provides a range of value-add options, including international postage, pre-printed envelopes and inserts, and capture of returned undeliverable mail.


“We went from 800 to 5,000 customers and we’re looking at the solution’s scalability to beyond 30,000 mailings per month over the next couple of years.”
Nigel Carter, Chief Executive Officer, Mars Capital

The transition has relieved three to four Mars Capital staff from mail duties including printing, folding and inserting each mail piece, enabling them to focus on the company’s core business, mortgage lending and administration. It has also freed up valuable office space and reduced postal costs significantly as the Pitney Bowes solution helps consolidate the mail. From a savings of 50 per cent of mailing costs, the company estimates it is now saving £2500 ($4,000) per mailing.

Mailstream on Demand exemplifies precision and accuracy. The solution adds a 2D barcode to every page, allowing Mars Capital to track each letter. It also provides page-level verification and notifies users when each letter has been successfully printed and inserted into the envelope. Mars Capital can generate item-level reports against 30-plus fields of information. And the print quality is better and more consistent than the in-house solution.

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