3 business areas where more control is better

While you certainly don’t want to micromanage, being a manager means that a certain level of control over your employees is necessary to provide valuable insight into how the business is actually running. In an office setting, control boils down to visibility throughout these processes.

Managers need to know what’s happening at all levels of the business in order to solve issues, prevent future problems and understand what’s already working well. Better insight into employee and office practices can also help your bottom line, whether by streamlining buying procedures or eliminating inefficient processes.

Here are three areas where more control over office processes is better for both your business and employees.

Keeping Records Up-to-Date

Keeping records accessible and updated is the first rule of good office management. This may sound like a no-brainer, but when record-keeping falls by the wayside, things can quickly descend into chaos.

Make updating records an office routine, with a clear system in place for delegating assignments to specific employees. When you get a new customer or client, for example, immediately make a new entry into your database. This should only take a moment, but will make it much easier down the line as the phone calls and customer interactions pile up.

Making Purchases on Company Cards

Regardless of how much you trust your employees, knowing how company credit cards are being used is absolutely necessary. Whether purchasing office supplies or taking a client to dinner, purchasing transparency gives your business increased expense control and cash flow management.

Setting up a specialized business credit card account allows you to set spending limits and specify where, when and how an employee card can be used. Receive real-time alerts via text or email whenever spending goes beyond set limits.

Using Technology Tools Effectively

Do you want more control over brand development, marketing and customer engagement? Look to the internet for services that provide affordable and attainable solutions for small businesses. Ninety-seven percent of internet users research local goods and services online before making a purchase. Make sure that your online presence helps you stand out from the crowd.

Online service offerings range from help in building a website, to managing your social media presence, to discounted print-out shipping and mailing labels. Personalized marketing software for small businesses gives you greater insight into what will work best for your business, while advanced social media tools allow you to control multiple platforms from one unified dashboard.

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