Streamlined Mailing & Shipping Supports Nashville Business Growth

By Sierra Copeland
Dedicated Account Manager in Nashville, TN

When you operate a professional services business in an “It City” like Nashville, you have to work fast and make smart decisions to stay on top of growth, which is why there is no time to waste on outdated practices and manual processes.

  • Many professional service companies are bogged down by manual processes that waste time and money, and disorganized mailing and shipping processes are some of the worst offenders.       

  • Streamlining mailing and shipping processes helps professional services companies control costs more effectively and maximize billable hours.   

  • Pitney Bowes offers innovative, easy to use mailing and shipping solutions, to help Nashville companies expand their market presence as the city continues to grow.

In the professional services arena, companies must consistently navigate how to do more with fewer resources while, of course, remaining profitable.

For example, a 2019 Wolters Kluwer report found that the top two issues impacting law firms are: coping with increased volume and complexity of information, and a need to improve efficiency and productivity. And, according to a recent Service Performance Insight (SPI) report, accounting firms face significant issues with operational efficiency, revenue leakage and retention.

What this means is you can’t afford to waste time and money on manual processes. And one of the most costly, inefficient manual areas of a professional services business is mailing and shipping.

Your Nashville team and clients expect minimal friction and maximum efficiency. By streamlining mailing and shipping, you can achieve both and keep moving toward growth in a fast-paced local market.

Get Costs under Control

Without careful oversight, the costs associated with manual mailing and shipping processes can quickly add up, leading to lost revenue for your business. A streamlined system helps you get these costs under control in a couple ways.  

Cost Tracking: With a manual approach, you can’t track which mailing and shipping costs can be billed back to clients and which should be incurred by your business. Mailing and shipping technology allows you to track postage spend across departments, so you can identify where you need to cut back sending efforts or consolidate team responsibilities.  

Rate Comparison: If you use manual processes, you likely don’t have easy access to up-to-date rates from major carriers, and you may be sending letters and packages at higher rates with longer delivery times. With a streamlined solution, you can shop rates among carriers to find the fastest time at the lowest price.

Increased visibility into both your cost centers and carrier rates gives you greater insight for making financial decisions that will benefit your business now and as you move further into the Nashville market.

Maximize Your Billable Hours

If there’s one thing lawyers, accountants, and consultants know, it’s that every minute in a day counts. With so many professional services businesses billing by the hour, operating as efficiently as possible is a must. Mailing and shipping technology helps you do this in a few ways:    

  • Reduce Mailroom Hours: With manual mailing and shipping, large-scale mailings can take several hours for several team members to complete, and they likely involve multiple trips to the post office. Streamlining this process
    significantly cuts back on the amount of staff time needed for these activities, so you can shift your attention to real, valuable work.    
  • Centralize Return Receipt Management: If you manually manage return receipts, you have to regularly invest staff time in organizing and maintaining a physical filing system. With a mailing and shipping technology solution, return receipts can be automatically stored in an electronic format, eliminating these time-consuming, manual filing steps, and minimizing your risk of facing a lawsuit.    
  • Integrate Processes: A manual approach to mailing and shipping requires separate processes for sorting, mailing, shipping, and receiving. A streamlined system integrates all of these so you can get more done from one location in a shorter amount of time.

Ultimately, mailing and shipping technology restores time previously lost to cumbersome processes, leading to increased productivity and profitability. With these approaches, you can also devote more time to finding new business opportunities for your company.

Keep Your Focus on Client Service

From music to sports to dining, Nashville specializes in delivering exceptional experiences and extending personalized hospitality to tourists every day. That spirit of hospitality spills over into the business community, where client service is the lynchpin of long-term success.

But you can’t maintain high-quality client service if manual processes bog down your business. The biggest benefit of implementing a streamlined mailing and shipping system is the ability to complete these simple, essential tasks with minimal disruption. This means you can get the mail out the door quickly and get back to what really matters: your clients.

Pitney Bowes Powers the Send - Nashville Delivers

Pitney Bowes is proud to be part of how Nashville business gets done; we’ve been providing the best in business mailing and shipping solutions since Printer’s Alley was actually Printer’s Alley.

Now, we’re introducing Nashville to the easiest, most affordable mailing and shipping platform ever, helping companies like yours expand their market presence as the city continues to grow.

Pitney Bowes streamlines your mailing and shipping processes, so the quality of your work stays high and your costs stay low. Our platform includes:

  • Reverse separation technology capable of feeding up to 120 letters per minute  
  • Cost account tracking for up to 500 accounts
  • Access to up-to-date rates from all major carriers    
  • USPS® discounts, including 5 cents off every First Class® letter and 40%* off Priority Mail®     
  • Detailed reports of sending history

Our Nashville team is committed to understanding your specific business needs and tailoring a solution that fits perfectly. We specialize in customer service and will respond quickly when you call, so you can stay focused on serving your own clients.


See how Pitney Bowes can support your business growth in Nashville.

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*5 cent savings as of 1/26/2020. 40% savings is maximum savings on packages weighing 10 lbs being shipped to Zone 4 as of 1/26/2020.

See how Pitney Bowes can support your business growth in Nashville.