Optimized shipping for enterprise retailers.

Reduce transportation costs and increase customer satisfaction with the Pitney Bowes Shipping service, a scalable SaaS-based, multi-carrier Transportation Management System (TMS) for retailers with high volume shipping requirements.  

Our service simplifies the complex world of distributed order management, giving retailers the ability to better compete.  By unifying warehouse, distribution centers and stores onto one highly scalable platform, retailers can be assured they are shipping with the right carrier, at the right prices, at the right time...every time.

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Our service simplifies the complex world of distributed order management.

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SaaS-based platform

Highly scalable and easy to integrate.

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Robust business rules

Set your own business rules to optimize your carrier network.

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Fast execution

Rate, route, track with the industry's fastest execution engine.

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Complete lifecycle visibility

Real-time inbound and outbound tracking across all channels and locations.