Collect, track and manage postal expenses for your entire organization

INVIEW™ Analytics

Take complete control of your postal expenses! It's easy with the new INVIEW™ Analytics from Pitney Bowes. This dynamic online system provides a bird's eye view of your entire organization's postal and carrier spend all in one place!

INVIEW Analytics is made up of two powerful management tools that work together to provide real-time information and help you make the best and most cost-effective decisions about your postal usage and expenses.

Total Postage Management

This financial management function allows you to centrally fund finance pay and report postage for:

  • Postage Meters (Pitney Bowes and other meter providers)
  • Permit Mail including Express Mail® and Business Reply Mail
  • Presort Processed Mail
  • Mail Service Providers

Total Meter Reporting

With this easy-to-use reporting tool you can:

  • View and report on postage meter funds and usage
  • Consolidate and group meters across the enterprise
  • Track Daily/monthly spend or class of service by pieces or dollars
  • Easily create ad-hoc reports without IT involvement
  • Access postage meter departmental accounting data on the web

Total Postage Management and Total Meter Reporting can also be purchased separately based on your needs. Ask your Pitney Bowes representative for more details.

Total Postage Management

  • Reliability – avoid mail disruption for lack of postage
  • Integrity – detailed financials for chargebacks and reporting
  • Transparency – view all your postage expenses in one place
  • Flexibility - use with both Pitney Bowes and other brand meters
  • Clarity – comprehensive downloadable reports in easy to understand formats

Total Meter Reporting

  • Easy to read web-based dashboard accessible through My Account
  • Track meter spend and postage class activity by meter and enterprise-wide
  • Data stored by Pitney Bowes for up to 24 months in our secure data warehouse
  • Create and assign your own meter and location names for ease of use!
  • Export data and reports to Microsoft Excel and in csv and pdf formats for easy distribution
  • Customize reports based on your needs including:
    • Postage summary reports (chart/pie/table)
    • Postage trend reports
    • Postal class reports (summary/detail)
    • Meter summary reports
    • Daily meter activity reports (summary/detail)
    • Meter balances report (summary/detail)
    • Many more!

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