Presort Services

We do the work so you don’t have to

It starts with over 300 vehicles and 360 drivers transporting 15 billion pieces of mail over more than 10 million miles each year. Your mail is picked up and consolidated with mail from other mailers. We sort the mail to the finest possible sort, then induct it into the USPS® network closer to its final destination.  This offers additional postal discounts that allow us to help you optimize your postage costs while managing complex compliance and regulations.  Allow our network of over 35+ operating centers nationwide help you simplify the logistics of mail.  


Optimize spend

Take advantage of postage discounts and operational efficiencies while improving mailstream operations.  

USPS® compliant

Our advanced and proprietary software supports the latest barcode functionality, including full-service USPS® Intelligent Mail® processing, Intelligent Mail® Package barcode (IMpb), move updates and corrections. 


Predictable delivery

With predictable delivery from coast to coast, we give our customers more precise control over campaign management. Add IntelliVIEW™ and you can track your mail until its final scan.

Guaranteed pricing

We guarantee per-piece pricing so you can count on knowing your postage expenses.