Letter Openers & Paper Folding Machines

Automate mail opening. Take the effort out of folding documents.

Save time and streamline tedious processes with our automated openers and folders.

Open your mail

DL50™ letter opener

Speed up your mail opening operations.

Our desktop letter opener opens up to 20 letters per minute.

DL200™ letter opener

Automatically feed a wide range of mail pieces.

For organizations with moderate incoming mail volume, the DL200 automatically opens up to 250 envelopes a minute.

OMATION 306 letter opener

Omation® Series 210 and Series 410 Letter Openers

Fast and simple inbound mail automation with advanced options.

For organizations with mid-sized incoming mail operations, the Series 210 and Series 410 automatically open up to 400 envelopes per minute.

OMATION 306 letter opener

OMATION 306 letter opener

Enjoy high-volume, high-speed envelope opening and sorting for all types of mail.

For organizations with large incoming mail volume, the OMATION 306 automatically opens up to 40,000 envelopes an hour.

Fold your mail

OfficeRight™ DF100 desktop folder

Stapled or unstapled, get crisp folds every single time.

Our desktop size folder that folds letters and documents instantly.

OfficeRight™ folder DF800

Fold your mail effortlessly and get the job done.

Fold up to 13,000 pieces per hour to save time and effort of preparing your mail.

OfficeRight™ folder DF900

Professional folding to improve your productivity.

Fold up to 20,000 pieces per hour to save time and effort of preparing your higher volume mailings.


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